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The Francke Foundations

Ansicht des Eingangsbereiches in die Franckeschen Stiftungen mit dem Waisenhaus, dem Francke-Wohnhaus und der Buchhandlung des Waisenhauses.

The Francke Foundations are a unique educational cosmos in Europe. With their historical collections in baroque school architecture, their exhibitions, and especially their educational and social projects, they are much more than a museum. Founded with the aim of improving society, we participate in current social debates: democratic education, social participation, sustainable action.


Baroque school town and current discourses

In our extensive cultural program, we invite you to exhibitions, discussions, festivals and special nights. From different perspectives, we combine historical questions with the pressing issues of our time.


World knowledge around 1700

Wie die Kulissen in einem barocken Theater ragen die Bücherregale der Historischen Bibliothek in den Saal.

The Francke Foundations have extensive historical source collections on the cultural history of the early modern period in the context of Pietism and the early Enlightenment. We promote interdisciplinary and international exchange through fellowship programs, workshops, international collaborations, and publications.


Education for All

Kinder bestaunen im Gewächshaus des Pflanzgartens die frisch gezogenen Keimlinge.

For us, education is a key to social participation, diversity and openness. That is why we strengthen, support and accompany children, young people and families. We invite you to discover the wide range of cultural, social, sports and environmental education on offer.

Solidarity with Ukraine

Наші пропозиції для біженців з України

Die Fassade des Historischen Waisenhauses

The Francke Foundations are shocked by the news that reache us from Ukraine. We condemn Russia's military attack on a sovereign state, the violation of international law and the escalation of violence and call for an immediate end to the fighting. Our thoughts and solidarity are with the people of Ukraine and the many refugees.


What us concerns


Die Franckeschen Stiftungen von oben

40 educational, scientific, social, cultural and christian institutions are located in the educational cosmos of the Francke Foundations. This creates unique educational opportunities. How you can find us:


Conference in the Freylinghausen Hall

We represent our issues in national and international networks in cooperation with various partners. Details

We need you!


Foto: Eine Grundschülerin erhält Hilfe von einer Freiwilligen bei der Erledigung der Hausaufgaben.

Our work is only possible with your support. Use your commitment to shape the coexistence of people in our society. You don't know how? Have a look!


Our history

August Hermann Francke

 The monument August Hermann Franckes

The founder of the foundation (1663-1727) changed the world. Out of a deep Christian certainty of faith he developed the vision of a comprehensive improvement of the world. Details

History of the Francke Foundations

»A historical engraving by Gottfried August Gründler shows the general view of the Francke Foundations. Two angels fly above and carry the banner "Prospect des Waysen-Hauses zu Glaucha vor Halle«.

Halle's Pietism is regarded as the most important reform movement of Protestantism between Reformation and Enlightenment. Many of its aims are now topical again. Details

International Relations

From Halle, Francke's ideas spread all over the world. The historically grown international network is still intensively cultivated today. Details