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Visitors of the Beibliothek in front of the open gate of the Kulissenmagazin.

No matter whether it is museum, kindergarten, reading room or youth club, here we have put together the opening hours of the facilities of the Francke Foundations for you. Open or closed?


A historical donation box lies open on a table, in front of it many thalers/coins from the early modern age.

Do children have free entry? How much does it cost to get a photo permit or to rent the Festsaal? Here you will find everything you need to know about the prices in the Francke Foundations. How much is...?


Motive of the monument August Hermann Franckes

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Ein historischer Stich von Gottfried August Gründler zeigt die Gesamtansicht der Franckeschen Stiftungen. Zwei Engel fliegen darüber und tragen das Spruchband »Prospect des Waysen-Hauses zu Glaucha vor Halle«.

Who was August Hermann Francke? What do the Francke Foundations do? Details

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View of the Freylinghausen Hall

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