Maria Montessori Day Care Centre

Children create a large mandala out of natural materials.

In the Maria Montessori Day Care Centre we look after up to 130 children aged between eight weeks and six years in four mixed-age groups. »Give me time« is Maria Montessori's motto, which leads through everyday life with the children.


Our Concept

The Italian physician and teacher Maria Montessori (1870-1952) understood the child's development as the unfolding of forces according to a hidden but firm inner »blueprint«. Not to hinder this self-development, but to support it, is the basis of the pedagogy named after it. The learning instinct of the child itself leads to the learning of new abilities. The core of the day is therefore free work. Here the child can choose what, with whom and for how long it wants to work. The special Montessori materials, with which movements, techniques and behaviours can be learned, offer suggestions for self-training.

Unser Konzept

Die italienische Ärztin und Pädagogin Maria Montessori (1870-1952) verstand die kindliche Entwicklung als Entfaltung der Kräfte nach einem verborgenen, aber festen inneren »Bauplan«. Diese Selbstentfaltung nicht zu behindern, sondern zu unterstützen, ist Grundlage der nach ihr benannten Pädagogik.

Die Umgebung im Kinderhaus ist für verschiedene Entwicklungsbedürfnisse vorbereitet und die Montessori Materialien sind für individuelles Lernen geschaffen. Jedes Kind wählt seine Arbeit nach eigenem Interesse aus. Dabei erlebt es auf seine Weise eigene Stärken und Schwächen, Kompetenzen, sowie neue Herausforderungen. Soziales und emotionales Lernen ist eine Grundlage sozialen Miteinanders. Im Kinderhaus bieten wir den Kindern ein Umfeld zum Erlernen von sozialen und emotionalen Fähigkeiten. Eine Rahmenbedingung hierfür sind die altersgemischten Gruppen. Sie ermöglichen viele verschiedene soziale Lernanreize. Umgangsformen und Gruppenregeln geben den Kindern Orientierungshilfen. Partizipation ist eine grundlegende Haltung der Montessori Pädagogik. Diese ist durch Offenheit, Wertschätzung und Zutrauen geprägt.

Our Rooms

Since 2005 we have been working in the renovated day-care facilities for children in Voßstraße. In our day care centre there are four groups on two floors (ground floor and 1st floor). Each group has two group rooms, a bathroom, a children's kitchen and a wardrobe.

In the basement of the building we use the Movement space, equipped with gymnastics equipment according to the concept of the movement pedagogue Elfriede Hengstenberg. Here the children get to know their own movement possibilities and playfully experience on how to assess their own abilities. Music, theatre and movement can be done in the music and theatre room. The room has an ellipse on the floor for silent exercises.

Our Garden

Our rooms open directly into the large garden, which we use in all weathers. It invites you to climb, romp and play in the sand. The garden is shared with the Amos Comenius Day Care Centre and the children of the After-School Centre August Hermann Francke .

Our Team

There are currently 18 pedagogical staff members working in the Montessori Day Care Centre, including a director and a deputy director. Almost all of them have the Montessori diploma, which enables them to look after the children according to the Montessori pedagogy. One of the day care providers is also trained as a curative teacher. Three other pedagogical specialists from a loan company are child care workers. Two technical employees support the work of the Day Care Centre.

The Montessori Day Care Centre is also a hospice for teachers of other institutions who want to obtain the Montessori diploma.


Important Information for our parents

The care of the children is covered all day by the food provider DLS Dienstleistungs- und Service GmbH. It includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and fruit. One focus is on seasonal and fresh products from the region. Until 6:30 am you can cancel your child's meal for the current day.

We have breakfast from 7:30 am in a cultivated and cosy atmosphere. At 11:00 a.m. we have lunch. We make sure that every child gets the same food. There are exceptions only for desserts and intolerances to certain ingredients.
Tea, milk, juice and water are offered as drinks. Children are encouraged to drink as often as possible, but not to waste.

In case of illness, vacation or other free days of your child, please contact us by E-mail or phone 0345 2127 500.

  • Children suffering from a communicable disease or infested with vermin are not allowed to attend the day care centre due to legal regulations.
  • If the child has a communicable infectious disease, the day care centre must be informed immediately.
  • After the child has recovered, a medical certificate must be available in the aforementioned cases stating that the child is healthy again and that there are no objections to visiting the day care centre. This also applies in the case that the child was sent home with the advice of a visit to the doctor due to an acute illness.
  • Children with diarrhoea, vomiting and fever must always be presented to a paediatrician.
  • As a matter of principle, no medication may be administered in the children's facility. In exceptional cases, with the permission of the doctor and the parents, this requirement may be waived.
  • For new admissions, we require a health certificate from the doctor, which must not be older than 3 weeks.

A support association effectively supports the work of the day care centre, for example by purchasing specialist books for the in-house library and Montessori materials for the groups. It also supports us financially with special events (e.g. flea market, start in the Advent). We would like to thank them!

Dates & Events

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about registration and the work of the nursery during a guided tour on the last Wednesday of each month. Please register by e-mail (no guided tours will take place until further notice). Unfortunately, there are already no childcare places available for the 2021 /2022 kindergarten year, as there is a great demand for children under 3 years of age.

For new admissions, we require a health certificate from the doctor, which must not be older than 3 weeks.

Our Day Care Centre is open on weekdays between 6:30 am and 5:30 pm.

On the following days our facility remains closed:
21.12.2020 until 05.01.2021


Annual Plan 2020


07.01.2020: First day of support in the New Year
21. to 23.01.2020: Hospitations week for interested parents (participation without children)
28. to 30.01.2020: Hospitation week for interested parents (participation without children)


24.02.2020: Carnival


08.04.2020: Easter at the kindergarten
23.04.2020: Theatre for children of 2 years and more
30.04.2020: Team FOBI (House is closed)


05.05.2020: Palm Festival
13.05.2020: PA new parents
22.05.2020: Bridge day (house is closed)


04.06.2020: Children's Day

26. and 27.06.2020: Sugar bag festival


01.08.2020: Welcoming of the new children


04.09.2020: Children's house birthday party
18.09.2020: Company outing (house is closed)


Montessori Congress (Emergency Cast)
Harvest Thanksgiving Festival


06.11.2020 or 13.11.2020: Martin's procession
20.11.2020: Reading day
Advent mood with fairytale carpet


04.12.2020 at 3:00 pm: Advent singing in the Freylinghausen Hall (family event)
15.12.2020: Christmas party in the groups
21.12.2020-05.01.2021: Christmas holidays (House is closed)