August Hermann Francke Day Care Centre

 Children play with autumn leaves.

Our nursery and kindergarten places are designed for children from the age of nine weeks until they start school. We look after your child in age-homogeneous groups. In our house, we give great importance to openness to the world and a reference-oriented approach to work. The well-being of your child is our top priority. Our committed and qualified pedagogical specialists discover the world together with the children and support them to develop into cheerful, socially competent, self-confident and learning personalities.

Our Concept

Every child in our nursery has its reference group with reference teachers and remains in its fixed group until it starts school. If possible, at least one specialist will accompany the children from the time they settle in until they start school. Based on the secure bonds of the children in their children's group, we pay particular attention to the children's openness to other people and new situations. Children from different countries of origin are looked after in our nursery. We understand openness to the world not only in a geographical sense. We want to pick up parts of the children's real world. Together with them and supported by the parents or partners in the Francke Foundations, we discover their culture as an expression of their own world. We are happy to work with the children's creative centre Krokoseum, the Botanical Garden, the foundation pastor, the family competence centre and the sports club SV Francke 08.

Our Rooms

We are at home in a unique building. Spacious and bright rooms as well as floors that can be used several times in the house give the children the opportunity to explore, get to know each other and move. We have several "mud rooms" in which creativity is capitalized. We are particularly happy about the large movement room, which offers a wide variety of materials, from balls and tyres to a basketball net. And if the children cannot enter the garden in heavy rain, they are very happy to use our own giant slide.

Our Garden

Our children are enthusiastic about the large, child-friendly garden. Very quietly situated and far away from the noise of the street, they can experience nature up close and move carefree in the fresh air. The play equipment on the playground is reminiscent of India. The Francke Foundations have maintained close contacts there for over 300 years. Several sandboxes, climbing facilities and slides offer enough space for all the children in our nursery.

Our Team

For a good success of our pedagogical work at present 20 pedagogical woman employees and coworkers, Day Care Centre Manager and her deputy in charge are responsible in the group service. As a rule, the colleagues in group service are state-approved educators and in some cases have additional qualifications such as in creativity pedagogy and curative education care. Some of our colleagues are in training as educators in the year of recognition, in part-time training as educators or as state-certified specialists for day-care centres.

Important information for our parents

The care of the children is covered all day by the food provider DLS Dienstleistungs- und Service GmbH. It includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks and fruit.

You can cancel your child's meal for the current day until 7:00 am. You can do this conveniently using the app provided by the provider on his website.

In case of illness, holiday or other free days of your child, please contact us by E-mail or telephone 0345 2127 417.

Children suffering from a communicable disease or infested with vermin are not allowed to attend the day care centre due to legal regulations.

  • If the child has a communicable infectious disease, the day care centre must be informed immediately.
  • After the child has recovered, a medical certificate must be available in the aforementioned cases stating that the child is healthy again and that there are no objections to visiting the day care centre. This also applies in the case that the child was sent home with the advice of a visit to the doctor due to an acute illness.
  • Children with diarrhoea, vomiting and fever must always be presented to a paediatrician.
  • As a matter of principle, no medication may be administered in the children's facility. In exceptional cases, with the permission of the doctor and the parents, this requirement may be waived.
  • For new admissions, we require a health certificate from the doctor, which must not be older than 3 weeks.

Instruction sheet of Infection Protection Act

The August Hermann Francke Day Care Centre  is regularly supported by the Association of Friends of Francke Foundations. We thank you very much for it!

The parents of the Day Care Centre children have joined together with the the Association of Friends, which helps us again and again in an uncomplicated way. We would like to thank you all very much for this!

Dates & Events

Our children's facility is open in weekdays between 6:30 am and 5:30 pm.

On the following days our facility remains closed:


01.04.2021 Team day / In-house training of the AHF Daycare centre
14.05.2021 Bridge Day Ascension Day
04.06.2021 In-house training of all Daycare centres in the Francke Foundations
30.07.2021 Parade day for the entire Day care centre
17.09.2021 Company outing of the Francke Foundations
03.12.2021 Team day / In-house training at the AHF Daycare centre
23.12.2021-01.01.2022 New Year