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Visitors from all over the world are enthusiastic about the Francke Foundations - tourists marvel at the Cabinet of Artifacts and Natural Curiosities, scientists explore its sources, families make use of the cultural and educational offers, alumni take their Golden Abitur in the renovated Latina. Many important projects, especially in the socio-cultural field, would be inconceivable without the generous support of private friends of the foundations. The entire history of the foundations has been marked by heartfelt private commitment; both their foundation in 1698 and the reconstruction from 1991 onwards have been substantially promoted. That is why our appeal remains the same: Support the work of the Francke Foundations! Help us to preserve this unique cultural monument, to preserve and develop the treasures of the foundations for future generations and to implement innovative ideas in education and social areas in the spirit of the founder August Hermann Francke.

Association of Friends of Francke Foundations

The most reliable way to promote the work of the foundations is to become a member of the Association of Friends of Francke Foundations for a moderate annual fee. Since its foundation in 1990, the Association of Friends has been a constant and reliable companion to the work of the foundations. Thanks to its large membership of over one thousand people and its high willingness to donate, it has been able to make significant contributions to the structural restoration of the foundations, to the preservation of the valuable historical collections and to the promotion of the foundation's life. Many social projects in the family floor, in the Krokoseum and in the botanical garden, but also in the scientific field could not be realised without the help of the Association of Friends. Help the Francke Foundations in the Association of Friends and through your donations!

For a minimum contribution of 40 Euro per year you can become a member of the Association of Friends of the Francke Foundations e. V. We regularly inform you about our activities and our events, to which you are cordially invited. In addition, you will receive free admission to all exhibitions of the foundations and all
Products of the publishing house of the Francke Foundations with a discount of 30 percent. Talk to us!

We would like to thank all our supporters.

Civil commitment in the Francke Foundations

At many points of our cultural and social work you have the opportunity to support us with your voluntary work. In the Krokoseum or in the Family Center, children and families can be strengthened by your energetic assistance. Volunteers can carry out or accompany educational or creative offers, supervise learning aids or actively act as family sponsors. Voluntary work is also possible in the exhibition area, in the library and archive as well as in public relations. We are especially pleased about volunteer visitor guides who guide our guest groups through the Francke Foundations. This form of engagement already existed in the time of Francke and is called »tour guide« today as it was then.

You will receive an voluntary contract, we offer good support and networking in all fields of work with full-time and voluntary staff  and also we would be delighted if you were present at our festivities.

In the area of voluntary work, we work closely together with the Halle Volunteer Agency.

Are you interested? Our colleagues in the personnel department will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

A Voluntary Social Year (FSJ), the Federal Voluntary Service (BFD) or a Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ) offers the special opportunity to try out over a longer period of time, to gain learning experience, to let a long-cherished idea become reality or to reorient oneself.

We offer places for voluntary service in the Day Care Centres, the After School Centre, the Family Centre, the Krokoseum, the Pflanzgarten School Garden and the Francke08 sports club. In all the places where we work, you can expect dedicated and experienced contact persons, you will become part of the team of the institution and are invited to contribute your energy and ideas for one year.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our human resources department.

The Francke Foundations continuously offer numerous opportunities for internships in their institutions. As a rule, these are designed to accompany training and should be planned for at least 3 weeks. As internships are not advertised explicitly, we are always happy to receive your unsolicited application. We are looking for people with a wide range of interests who would like to get involved in the fields of cultural education, upbringing or historical-scientific work and who are characterized by conscientiousness, flexibility and team spirit.

In the field of communication and events, we offer an internship for 6 months during your studies. Here you will gain insight into all areas of public relations and marketing.

As a rule, internships at the Francke Foundations cannot be salaried.

Support through donations

»Four Thalers and sixteen Groschen« formed the basis of the Francke Foundations in 1695. With this donation August Hermann Francke could begin his unique reform work. Then as now, the Francke Foundations depend on donations to realize numerous educational, cultural and scientific projects. Your donation exclusively benefits our cultural educational cosmos and is used in accordance with our statutes.

Donation account of the Francke Foundations:

IBAN: DE32800537620380307365

With an endowment you bequeath to the Francke Foundations an asset, proportionate or complete, which then becomes part of the Foundation's assets. Your endowment must be preserved in its entirety, only its interest income may be used in accordance with the statutes of the Francke Foundations.

We will be happy to answer your questions on this subject and provide you with further information.

The so-called "freedom to make a will" exists in German inheritance law. This means that you can divide your estate according to your ideas or appoint a sole heir. The prerequisite for both is the drafting of a will. You can also consider public law institutions such as the Francke Foundations. This can be done in different ways:


In your will, you can use the Francke Foundations as sole heirs or co-heirs of the estate.


With a legacy, you bequeath a sum of your choice to the Francke Foundations in your will. You can bequeath this amount to the foundations either for use in accordance with the statutes or for a special purpose chosen by you. For example, to renovate a specific building or to support research work.

We will be happy to answer your questions on this subject and provide you with further information.

The Francke Foundations want to give young people a comprehensive education and the ability to act socially. This ideal is the intellectual heritage of August Hermann Francke and continues to shape our activities. There are currently four schools on the foundation grounds: the primary school August Hermann Francke, the reform school Maria Montessori, the community school August Hermann Francke and the regional high school Latina August Hermann Francke. Even though none of the schools is currently run by us, we would like to revive the idea developed by Francke of a self-confident and independent »school city« In 2003 we founded the school foundation »August Hermann Francke« together with the »Freundeskreis«. The school foundation aims to promote our educational work by providing technical and financial support to schools and other educational institutions under private law on the foundation's premises.

The School Foundation is dependent on donations so that it can fulfil its demanding tasks.
Donation account »Schulstiftung«
IBAN: DE24 8005 3762 1901 4996 30

Download the statutes of the August Hermann Francke School Foundation