Mobile Exhibitions

If you are looking for a quick and uncomplicated solution to get our topics to you at a reasonable price, we suggest a mobile exhibition. Whether as a stand-alone exhibition, to accompany a conference or at an information stand, the roll-ups can be set up quickly and are readily accepted by the public.
Together with the Alice Children's Museum in the FEZ Berlin, we have realised exhibition projects aimed at children and families.

We currently offer the following exhibitions:


Exhibitions on roll-ups

The Mobile exhibition in the church St. Wenzel in Naumburg

The Francke Foundations

More than 300 years ago the lutheran theologian and Pietist August Hermann Francke (1663–1727) founded an orphanage directly outside the city walls of Halle, whose impressive ensemble of buildings has survived to this day. As a worldwide unique testimony to social and educational architecture of bourgeois origin from the Baroque era, the Francke Foundations are today a visible testimony to the comprehensive social and educational reforms that the Lutheran theologian and pedagogue developed 300 years ago. His aim aim was to imrpve the living conditions of every individual. The mobile exhibition (German and English) presents the history and current work of the Francke Foundations.


A woman visits the travelling exhibition Hallescher Pietism and Reformation at the Representation of Saxony-Anhalt in Berlin.

Halle Pietism and Reformation.

August Hermann Francke in the Tradition of Martin Luther

Based on the social impulses of Martin Luther's Reformation, August Hermann Francke developed the vision of »world change through human change.« Many of the Reformation's demands only became effective worldwide through Halle's Pietism, deep into society. The mobile exhibition (English and German) presents the main concerns and effects of Halle's Pietism in 20 roll-ups and makes them visible to the present day.

The panels of the mobile exhibition can be seen in a church in the USA.

Heinrich Melchior Mühlenberg (1711–1787)

Patriarch of the LutheranChurch in North America

In 1742 the second director of the Francke Foundations, Gotthilf August Francke (1696–1769), had sent the pietistically influenced theologian Mühlenberg to the colony of Pennsylvania for the spiritual care of the German immigrants. In the mobile exhibition (German and English) we show how Mühlenberg built up a functioning Lutheran church system from New York to Georgia and how he gained great prestige in colonial North America and in the highest political circles. His sons John Peter Gabriel Mühlenberg and Frederick Augustus Mühlenberg are among the co-founders of the American democracy. They received their education in the schools of the Francke Foundations, which were among the best of their time.


Exhibitions in cooperation with Alice - Kindermuseum im FEZ Berlin

Two scales in the exhibition Tell me something about death

»Tell me something about death«

The exhibition "Tell me about death" is an unusual invitation for people between 6 and 99 years. A confrontation with a subject that we often face with speechlessness and fear in our society.

It invites all the living to take a step to the "other side" gently and without shyness and even with a smile, which other cultures exemplify to us.