We are Members

August Hermann Francke's work was based on an effective communication network that included local, regional and international friends and supporters, scholars and scientific laymen, donors, sponsors and even intermediaries in the political centres of power of the time. In addition to the intensive correspondence with supporters and the pupils and teachers educated in Halle, who acted as mediators of Halle's ideas in their places of activity, Francke relied on a broad-based publication system. At the beginning of the 18th century, the Halle Orphanage was connected in a multi-layered network and became one of the best-informed places in Germany.

Today we are again active in many committees and networks, as for instance:


Alliance of Early Universal Museums

Early modern cabinets of curiosities in Europe were interconnected in many ways. The aim of the network, founded in Halle in 2020, is to discuss and publish current issues of museum handling of surviving cabinets of curiosities or their preserved components, provenance research and the development of future scenarios for their research and presentation in a broadly based panel of experts.


Conference of National Cultural Institutions

The Conference of National Cultural Institutions (KNK) is an equal-opportunity interest group of 23 nationally significant cultural institutions of different sizes and orientations. The foundation of the KNK on 1 March 2002 in the Francke Foundations in Halle goes back to the so-called Blue Book. The aim is to anchor the museums, collections, archives and garden realms in the consciousness of politics and the public in the long term.

Arbeitskreis selbstständiger Kulturinstitute e.V.

Founded in 1967 on the initiative of the Federal Minister of the Interior, the AsKI e.V. is an association of currently 39 nationally and internationally renowned, independent cultural and research institutes whose valuable collections are particularly representative of the quality and diversity of cultural Germany. Its members are anchored in independent, non-profit sponsorship and have relied on a significant share of private funding since their foundation.


Museumsnetzwerk Halle (Saale)

In September 20216, 11 museums from Halle with different profiles and different sponsorships joined forces to form the Museumsnetzwerk Halle (Saale). The network sees itself as a platform for Halle's museums to creatively exchange ideas and develop joint projects.

Cultural Theme-Years in Halle (Saale)

In 2021-30, institutions throughout the city of Halle will once again deal with a new theme relevant to the city each year in a decade of cultural theme years.  In terms of cultural policy, the participating institutions find new formats, develop goals and explore their possibilities. The cultural theme years offer them the chance to reach people they would otherwise not reach.