Krokoseum Children’s Creative Centre

Children in the Krokoseum build a castle out of wooden parts, playing instruments or with dolls.

We invite children (6–12 years) to discover the world and help shape it. In our cultural educational offers in the afternoon they learn what is in them and which strengths they can develop.

The children’s participation programmes lead to the museum and to the grounds of the historic school town. The wide range of creative activities includes art, literature, crafts, history and natural sciences. They are dedicated to questions that are important to the children. Why is the sky blue? What do you eat and cook in winter when hardly anything grows? How does a real book come about? How do I build a dragon? And why is a museum exciting?

In order to document our work in the Krokoseum in the media and to be able to present your child’s work publicly, a Declaration of consent is required. Please read it carefully and contact us if you have any questions!

We are especially proud that our diverse cultural world-discovery offers have been awarded within the initiative »Deutschland - Land der Bildungsideen«!

Our team

Your contact persons are trained pedagogues. Art teachers are often involved in our projects. Many offers of the crocosum are supported by voluntary commitment. This allows us to gain many different competences in order to create very special additional offers and possibilities.

Our partners

We cooperate with cultural, artistic, scientific, educational and university institutions, associations and initiatives. These include ASTROlinos, a member of the Society for Astronomical Education in the Saxony-Anhalt Regional Association, Stiftung Lesen, Kinderstadt Halle and BuchKinder Leipzig e.V.

Do you have an exciting hobby, want to try it out and are you interested in working with children?

We look forward to your voluntary commitment.

Members of our Team

Maximilian Balcerek

Pedagocial Staff


House 1 - Historic Orphanage

+49(0)345 2127 478