After-School Centre August Hermann Francke

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We take care of upto 215 children between the ages of six and twelve. Since 2001, the After-School Centre has been run by the Francke Foundations. With the move in 2005 to the new children's Day Care Centre in Voßstraße, we now have our own day care centre, which adapts functionally and flexibly to our varied everyday life.


Our Concept

The after-school centre as a leisure-time educational institution wants to offer relaxation and balance to the school. Through open after-school work, a variety of activities and projects can be carried out across all ages. The children have the opportunity to participate and to have a role. They use the offers on a voluntary basis.

Intercultural activities and offers are the focus of our work. With the involvement of parents and families, we want to help shape successful integration. In the children's leisure world, personal contacts and the approach to each other are important to us. Our work in the after-school centre therefore also includes education in non-violence and the development of communicative and social skills in dealing with conflicts. Diversity is an enrichment, common growing up, playing and learning a basic condition for tolerance and acceptance. In 2011, the work of the nursery was awarded the Saxony-Anhalt Integration Prize.

Since September 2007, the 4th classes have received special care oriented to the world in which they live. It supports the development of independence and identity formation, also with regard to the transition from primary school to secondary school. To this end, we are once again expanding the freedom of the children, who are now able to organise their leisure activities and offers largely independently and try out a variety of things.

Our Rooms

The nursery has its domicile in the building in Voßstraße, which was renovated in 2005. The first classes are taken care of in a branch office in the primary school »August Hermann Francke«. Our rooms open directly into the large garden which we use together with the children from the Montessori Children's House and the Kita Amos Comenius. In our after school care there are various theme rooms which can be used according to the group or interest: a music room, theatre room, exercise room, technology and science room, creative room, a wood workshop as well as various smaller areas such as a reading corner, a puppet theatre, a building corner and an art corner.

Our Team

At the moment the Director, the Deputy Director and 12 educators are working in the nursery August Hermann Francke. In addition to their state-approved training as educators, many of their colleagues also have additional qualifications, for example in rehabilitation pedagogy, inclusion specialists, relaxation pedagogy, cultural and media pedagogy or as child protection specialists.

Our Employees

Babett Franke


Felix Glaser


Svitlana Hablenko


Kevin Nette


Marcel Petersen


Antonia Rethy


Tommy Stephan


Mary Stöber


Cindy Weigelt


Sabine Wölfer



Important information

12:00 pm–6:00 pm

During the holidays
07:00 am–5:00 pm

Closing / company holidays 2023

Closing / company holidays 2023

Closing / company holidays 2023



15.09.2023  - all Franckeschen Stiftungen facilities are closed



23.12.2023 – 01.01.2024

All company holidays were approved by the parents representatives in october 2022.

Our Hort ABC is designed to help you find answers to your questions. We offer you our willingness to talk and hope for a good partnership for the well-being of your child in our facility. We are always open to questions and suggestions.

If you would like to support us in our work, you can do so through an internship or voluntary work with us. We are looking forward to hear from you if you are interested in working with children.

You should bring the following with you:
Patience, resilience, a »knack«  for children aged 6-10, ideas, humour, team spirit.
Just write us an E-mail for questions and information.