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Notes on the Corona pandemic

The Francke Foundations are following the official instructions to contain the Corona pandemic. Our exhibitions are open. Please note our information for visitors.

Special exhibitions

The Power of Emotions

Annual Exhibition for young people

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An interactive course on emotions in our everyday lives that opens up surprising spaces for play and thought.

19. March 2022 - 05. February 2023
Historic Orphanage

Pious Feelings. Images and Texts in Books of Pietism

Cabinet exhibition in the Historical Library

The cabinet exhibition allows an insight into the emotional forms of expression in the writings of early modern Pietism.

21. April - 06. November 2022
House 22 - Historic Library

Save the Date!

Francke in Transition

Join us in designing the new exhibition on the founder of the foundation!

The August Hermann Francke-Monument

We invite you to think along, think ahead and reflect on a new permanent exhibition in the Francke Residence. Detail

10. September 2022 - 10. September 2024
House 28

The power of Emotions. Germany 19/19

Travelling exhibition on the annual theme »Ganz im Affekt«

Black and white shot of a demonstration of young people, in front of a water cannon a placard with the inscription "Love, Love" is held up.

Do emotions shape history? Detail

06. October 2022 - 05. February 2023
House 1 - Historic Orphanage

Streit. Menschen, Medien, Mechanismen im 18. Jahrhundert und heute

Annual Exhibition 2023

In the draft for the annual exhibition, a man walks through an open door in the exhibition area above the dispute.

There is much and extensive argument about disputes. What are the limits of what can be said - where does constructive discussion end and personal insult and disparagement begin? Detail

18. March 2023