Francke Foundations

The Francke Foundations are a unique educational cosmos in Europe. With their historical collections in baroque school architecture, their exhibitions, but especially their educational and social projects, they are far more than a museum. Founded with the aim of improving society, we participate in current social debates: democratic education, social participation, sustainable action.

Saxony-Anhalt accompanies the Francke Foundations on their way to becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Education for All: The Francke Foundations rise to the challenge of a second World Heritage application process

Thanks to the support of the state of Saxony-Anhalt, the concept and lines of argumentation for a World Heritage application are being developed with international scientific support. A so-called upstream process is planned for 2023.

Our exhibitions are open again!

All information about your visit with us.

Eine BEsucherin steht auf dem Altan des Historischen Waisenhauses und hörtauf Ihrem Handy im Audioguide Informationen zum Lindenhof an.

Our exhibitions are open again and events can take place again. Please familiarise yourself with the current regulations before your visit and secure your time slot in our exhibitions with a pre-booked appointment.

Healing body and soul. Medicine and Hygiene in the 18th Century

Annual Exhibition in the Historic Orphanage and online

Die ehemalige Krankenanstalt der Schulstadt Franckes

In 1721, the foundation stone for the first children's hospital in Germany was laid in the Francke Foundations. The 300th anniversary of this event is the occasion for the annual exhibition, which for the first time comprehensively presents the medicine of Halle's Pietism, which was widely influential in the 18th century.

30 years of reconstruction

Memory and the present in the exhibition »With energy and trust in God«.

An der Rückseite von Haus 1 hängt quer über den Lindenhof ein Riesenbanner mit einem Foto von 1990.

Look back with us to 1990: What was it like when many people doubted the ruinous state of the Foundation's buildings and some found the courage to begin the reconstruction work? We asked contemporary witnesses and rummaged through our photos.

Our annual program celebrating the 300th anniversary of the historic Children’s Hospital.

Visualisation of en eye on red

Exactly 300 years ago, medical history was made at the Francke Foundations: August Hermann Francke (1663–1727) had a hospital building built in 1721, which today can be considered the first children’s hospital in Europe. For historical and current reasons, we are dedicating our annual program in 2021 to the topic of health and well-being.

»Alliance of Early Universal Museums« is founded in the baroque Wunderkammer of the Francke Foundations in Halle

The Francke Foundations, the Art Chamber of Peter the Great in St. Petersburg (Russia) and the Teylers Museum in Haarlem (Netherlands) invite you to take a closer look at the Early Modern Universal Museums.

The Cabinet of Artefacts and Curiosities in the Francke Foundations

One of the most beautiful museums in Germany

In the current summer edition of »Merian«, the Wunderkammer in the Historic Orphanage is one of the 60 most beautiful museums in Germany, and the publishing house Taschen is placing it in »Cabinet of Curiosities« in a series with 18 extraordinary collections in Italy, France, Denmark or Sweden. Visit the only completely preserved Cabinet of Artefacts and Curiosietes in Europe at its authentic location in the Francke Foundations!


Current exhibitions

Healing body and soul. Medicine and Hygiene in the 18th Century

Annual Exhibition of the Francke Foundations 2021

[Translate to Englisch:] Das Kinderkrankenhaus auf dem Gelände der Stiftungen

In 1721, the foundation stone for the children's hospital in Germany was laid at the Francke Foundations. The 300th anniversary of this event is the occasion for the annual...

02. May - 17. October 2021
House 1 - Historic Orphanage


Current events

Monday, 09/27/2021


1:00 pmWorkshopHaus 33

Montags im Krokoseum: das Kunstatelier

»Earth without Art is just‚ eh'.«

4:00 pmChildren's Program

Besuch der Lesefee

4:00 pmChildren's ProgramHouse 1 - Historic Orphanage

Language Learners Group on Monday

Open offer of language support to practice German

5:00 pmoffenes AngebotHaus 33
Tuesday, 09/28/2021


1:00 pmWorkshopHaus 33

Grünes Labor

Entdecken, erforschen, experimentieren!

2:00 pmChildren's ProgramHouse 1 - Historic Orphanage
Wednesday, 09/29/2021

Die TiQ-Zeitung »News-TiQer«

1:00 pmWorkshopHaus 33


Für Geschichtenverdreher

4:00 pmChildren's ProgramHouse 1 - Historic Orphanage

Hygiene und die Angst vor Krankheit

3. Abend in der Begleitreihe »Medizin und Gesellschaft« zur Jahresausstellung

6:00 pmGesprächHouse 1 - Historic Orphanage