Francke Foundations

Annual exhibition takes a look at the culture of dispute

A torn copper engraving of Moureau's Oedipe showing two people arguing.

The castle and the lecture hall were the arenas of contention in the past; today they are more like screens and football stadiums. Has everything else remained the same? With significant disputes in historical and contemporary dispute arenas, we invite reflection on viewpoints and behaviours in our contemporary dispute culture.

Alliance of Early Universal Museums

Members of the AEUM at the Annual meeting in Haarlem 2022 in the Oval Room of Teylers Museums

Professional expertise, provenance research and the development of future scenarios for the presentation and research of the unique Early Universal Museums: join the new platform for experts, museums and collections.

Solidarity with Ukraine

The Francke Foundations are shocked by the news that has reached us from Ukraine. We condemn the military attack on a sovereign state, the violation of international law and the escalation of violence and call for an immediate end to the fighting.

Special guided tour of the exhibition »Controversy. People, Media, Mechanisms«

Curators tour as part of the Handel Festival

View of the video screen showing the rapper FAKKT.

On June 9 at 3 p.m., the curators of the annual exhibition, Claudia Weiß and Prof. Holger Zaunstöck, will give a special guided tour.


Current exhibitions

School Clubs in the Francke Foundations (1843-1936)

Cohesion - Competition - Contest

Sources from the archives and library illustrate the life of associations in the Francke Foundations.

20. April - 05. November 2023
House 22 - Historic Library

Francke in Transition

Join us in designing the new exhibition on the founder of the foundation!

View into one room of the new exhibition

We invite you to think along, think ahead and reflect on a new permanent exhibition in the Francke Residence.

11. September 2022 - 10. September 2024
House 28

Streit. Menschen, Medien, Mechanismen im 18. Jahrhundert und heute

Annual Exhibition 2023

A torn copper engraving of Moureau's Oedipe showing two people arguing.

There is much and extensive argument about disputes. What are the limits of what can be said - where does constructive discussion end and personal insult and disparagement begin?

18. March 2023 - 04. February 2024


Current events

Today, Saturday, 06/10/2023

The Founder and his Work

Guided tour of the Francke Foundations

11:00 amGuided TourHouse 28
Monday, 06/12/2023

On mondays in the Krokoseum: The Art Studio

»Earth without Art is just‚ eh’.«

4:00 pmChildren's Program
Tuesday, 06/13/2023


3:00 pmWorkshopHaus IV


6:00 pmTalkHouse 28