Francke Foundations

The Francke Foundations are a unique educational cosmos in Europe. With their historical collections in baroque school architecture, their exhibitions, but especially their educational and social projects, they are far more than a museum. Founded with the aim of improving society, we participate in current social debates: democratic education, social participation, sustainable action.

Open-air exhibition of the transformation of the Francke Foundations since 1990

With energy and faith in God

The crisis-proof exhibition in the fresh air brings back memories: What was it like in 1990 when some doubted and many took action?

Berge versetzen

A year about the power of social commitment in history and present times.

30 years of the Association of Friends of the Francke Foundations and an incredible reconstruction story: Commitment can move mountains! Look forward with us in the Annual Programme 2020 to high-ranking, internationally renowned thinkers and speakers, politicians and activists. In numerous formats they offer the opportunity to help shape current social debates.


Young people change their city

Where do young people prefer to spend their time? What would they change in this place? The Francke Foundations want to strengthen young people and support them in actively participating in urban development.

Die Vielen

For artistic freedom, an open society and its democratic design in respect, diversity and tolerance!

Logo »Die Vielen«

The Francke Foundations with many cultural institutions of the city of Halle are signatories of the "Hallescher Erklärung der Vielen".

The Ziegenbalg-House in Tharangambadi

A Museum of Intercultural Dialogue

Blick auf das restaurierte Ziegenbalg-Haus im südindischen Tharangambadi und die goldene Büste Bartholomäus Ziegenbalgs

In 1706 the Francke pupil Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg became the first Lutheran missionary outside Europe in Tranquebar, India. An intercultural museum project is dedicated to the heritage and continuation of the common German-Indian history.


Current exhibitions

Mission Ziegenbalg

Christine Bergmann und Stefan Schwarzer auf Spurensuche in Tharangambadi

Kommen Sie mit auf eine Reise nach Südindien mit den KünstlerInnen Christine Bergmann und Stefan Schwarzer!

03. July - 16. August 2020
House 1 - Historic Orphanage

With energy and faith in God

The transformation of the Francke Foundations since 1990

Can it be done? Impressive photo installations make the incredible construction work of the past 30 years visible.

21. March - 13. September 2020

Forces of Nature in Old Bibles

Cabinet Exhibition in the Historic Library

Floods, droughts, earthquakes, fires, swarms of grasshoppers - the Bible is full of stories of the outbreaks of nature. The cabinet exhibition presents illustrations of the...

05. May - 04. October 2020
House 22 - Historic Library


Current events

Monday, 07/06/2020

Besuch der Lesefee

5:00 pmChildren's ProgramHouse 1 - Historic Orphanage
Tuesday, 07/07/2020


Bibel denken, teilen, meditieren, singen, streiten

5:30 pmTalkHouse 28
Wednesday, 07/08/2020

Reiseberichte: Artisttalk mit Christine Bergmann

Begleitveranstaltung zur Ausstellung im Historischen Waisenhaus

6:00 pmTalk


Für Geschichtenverdreher

3:00 pmChildren's ProgramHouse 1 - Historic Orphanage