World knowledge around 1700

The Francke Foundations have extensive collections of historical sources on the cultural history of the Early Modern Period in the context of Pietism and Early Enlightenment. We promote interdisciplinary and international exchange through scholarship programmes, workshops and international cooperation.

Opening of the reading room

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We will open the reading room in the Historic Library on 25 May 2021. Please find all the information on how to use it on the Study Centre's german website. As long as the travel restrictions apply, feel free to use our online offer!

Die Wunderkammer der Franckeschen Stiftungen

Photo book from the Publication's Department of the Francke Foundations

Der Bildband der Franckeschen Stiftungen mit dem Band des Taschen-Verlags präsentiert in der Wunderkammer.

3,000 natural objects, curiosities and artefacts from the unique Cabinet of Artefacts and Curioities of the Francke Foundations open up the world to the visitor from a forgotten perspective. As an early modern museum room, the chamber stands for the comprehensive cosmos of knowledge of the Baroque. The Verlag der Franckeschen Stiftungen offers an illustrated book presenting the state of scientific research on the collection with opulent photographs and many examples of sources from the archives of the Francke Foundations.



Here you will find an overview of the collections in the Archive and Library of the Francke Foundations. specialist information about the collections


Ein junger Wissenschaftler und eine junge Wissenschaftlerin beugen sich im Lesesaal konzentriert über eine historische Quelle.

Thanks to a generous fund by Dr. Liselotte Kirchner (Offenbach), the Francke Foundations are able to award research grants. Scholarship

Scientific Facilities

Study Centre August Hermann Francke

Wie die Kulissen in einem barocken Theater ragen die Bücherregale der Historischen Bibliothek in den Saal.

The Study Centre is dedicated to the preservation, cataloguing and research of the holdings of the library and archives of the Francke Foundations. Details

Research Department

Participants of an international round table discussion in the Freylinghausen Hall

Teaching, research, promotion and networking: The Research Department provides scientific impetus for research into the long 18th century and beyond. Details

Publication’s department

Auf einem Büchertisch liegen eine Auswahl der Publikationen des Verlags der Franckeschen Stiftungen aus: Ausstellungskataloge, wissenschaftliche Schriften, Bildbände und Kinderbücher.

Exhibition catalogues, opulent illustrated books, exciting source texts and renowned research literature belong to the broad spectrum of the tradition-rich publishing house. Details

Forum Science

In der Kunst- und Naturalienkammer untersuchen Forscherinnen und Forscher aus Indien und Deutschland die Palmblatthandschriften aus den Beständen der Franckeschen Stiftungen.

Numerous scientific institutions on the campus of the Francke Foundations provide unique networking opportunities and intensive interdisciplinary cooperation. Details

Current Events


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Thursday, 10/21/2021

Kolloquium im Dr. Liselotte Kirchner-Stipendienprogramm

2:30 pmGesprächHaus 1 - Historisches Waisenhaus
Tuesday, 11/09/2021

»Von Hunden, Trinkern und Physikern. Zur Kulturgeschichte der Vorlesung im 18. Jahrhundert«

History of Science Seminar with Prof. Dr. Marian Füssel (Göttingen), in cooperation with the Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina

6:00 pmVortragHaus 1 - Historisches Waisenhaus
Thursday, 11/11/2021

Kolloquium im Dr. Liselotte Kirchner-Stipendienprogramm

2:30 pmGesprächHaus 1 - Historisches Waisenhaus