World history on your doorstep

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Not just on our doorstep, but right in the middle of it: The MDR podcast Weltgeschichte vor der Haustür is our guest.

On the trail of the Wunderkammer phenomenon, the cabinets in the Kunst- und Naturalienkammer are opened. Exciting and curious things come to light, from Chinese women's carpenter's shoes to fiberglass wigs. The objects in the chamber and their arrangement tell us a lot about collecting and exhibiting in the 18th century and today, and the unique atmosphere of the room also invites visitors to explore. The article tells the story of the chamber's origins and the circumstances of its time. The podcast sheds light on who designed the chamber, how the collection was assembled and who was allowed to visit it at the time, with lots of anecdotes and historical background. 

Special attention is also paid to the herbarium sheets and the plant cabinet. The joint tour of the Kunst- und Naturalienkammer provides insights into the life's work of August Hermann Francke and education and schooling in the 18th century. 

You can listen to the podcast here.