The Power of Emotions

Annual Exhibition for young people

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We experience it every day: emotions determine our everyday life. They show who we are. Emotions are subjective and collective barometers of our state. They are instruments of communication and manipulation and control our behaviour. Advertising uses this, but so does politics. We learn better when we are addressed emotionally. Emotions are also socially desirable reactions, for example when a penalty is scored in the 90th minute of a game, after a catastrophe or in connection with special life events such as the death of a loved one or a new love.

The exhibition attempts to shed light on this topic, which is as unusual as it is everyday, in an interdisciplinary and true-to-life way. It is aimed primarily at teenagers and young adults, inviting them to think, feel and talk along with it, and aims to provide basic orientation in the »jungle of emotions«. To this end, the exhibition bundles current knowledge about emotions and links it to everyday experiences from the most diverse areas of life. In seven themed rooms, visitors experience the purpose of emotions, what they do, how they influence us, why we need them and how we can learn to deal with them. The interactive course opens up surprising play and thought spaces in the museum.