325 Years of the Francke Foundations: The founding privilege online

Take a look at the founding privilege of the Francke Foundations and explore its radiance right up to our present day.

The Francke Foundations were established with the "Chur-Fürstlich-Brandenburgisches Privilegium" of September 19, 1698. In it, Elector Friedrich III granted his subject August Hermann Francke (1663-1727) permission to build an orphanage and run schools. The document created the legal basis for the foundations to become a reform work with worldwide impact. But what was in this document in the first place, and what does the term privilegium mean? On the occasion of the three hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary, we have prepared the founding privilege for you online. Read about the powers granted to August Hermann Francke at that time and browse through contemporary wishes and thoughts for the present and future of the Francke Foundations.