Johann Crüger's Praxis Pietatis Melica

Edition and documentation of the history of his work

Porträt von Johann Crüger

As part of a 4-year project, funded by the German Research Foundation, the edition and work-historical documentation of Johann Crüger’s (1598-1662) Praxis Pietatis Melica has been prepared. Thereby one of the most important hymnals of the seventeenth century has been made accessible, a work also significant to emerging Pietism. At present many of his hymns are the most familiar. Crüger served as cantor at the Nikolaikirche in Berlin and may be called the discoverer of Paul Gerhardt (1607-76), one of the pastors of that church. The majority of Gerhardt’s hymns appeared in Praxis Pietatis Melica for the first time. The basis of the edition comprises the tenth edition of this work, the last to appear in Crüger’s lifetime and supervised by him.
At present, Volume II/1 is prepared for publication.

Johann Crüger: Praxis Pietatis Melica. Edition und Dokumentation der Werkgeschichte. Im Auftrag der Franckeschen Stiftungen zu Halle hrsg. von Hans-Otto Korth und Wolfgang Miersemann unter Mitarbeit von Maik Richter.
Bd. I/1: Johann Crüger: Praxis Pietatis Melica. EDITIO X. (Berlin 1661). Teil 1: Text. Halle 2014.
Bd. I/2: Johann Crüger: Praxis Pietatis Melica. EDITIO X. (Berlin 1661). Teil 2: Apparat. Halle 2015.
Bd. I/3: Johann Habermann: Gebätbüchlein (Berlin 1661). Text und Apparat. Halle 2017
Bd. II/1: Praxis Pietatis Melica. Bibliographie und Dokumente zur Werkgeschichte. Mit einem Notenteil (in progress).
Bd. II/2: Praxis Pietatis Melica. Überblick über die Entwicklung des Liedbestands. Halle 2016.

Project leaders: Dr. Thomas Müller-Bahlke, Dr. Britta Klosterberg
Project members: Dr. Wolfgang Miersemann, Dr. Hans-Otto Korth, Maik Richter, M.A.
Project duration: 1.5.2011 bis 30.4.2015; ab 2014 sukzessive Herausgabe der Bände.