Healing body and soul. Medicine and Hygiene in the 18th Century

Annual Exhibition of the Francke Foundations 2021

[Translate to Englisch:] Das Kinderkrankenhaus auf dem Gelände der Stiftungen
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In 1721, the foundation stone for the first children's hospital in Germany was laid in the Francke Foundations. The 300th anniversary of this event is the occasion for the annual exhibition. For the first time, it takes a comprehensive look at the medicine of Halle's Pietism, which had a far-reaching influence in the 18th century. One of the first children's hospitals in Europe, a clinic for the poor that treated 12,000 patients a year free of charge, a first health insurance fund based on the principle of solidarity and a health topography designed according to the most modern aspects with, among other things, the unique fresh water and sewage system reconstructed for the exhibition on the basis of original sources represent a milestone in the history of medicine.

The curators Prof. Dr. Holger Zaunstöck and Dr. Thomas Grunewald are able to present exciting stories and carefully researched backgrounds in seven exhibition rooms on 300sqm with amazing discoveries from the cultural-historical collections of the Francke Foundations. Interactive, easily accessible and aesthetically gripping, the show answers questions about the specifics of medicine and hygiene as well as their structural implementation in Halle's Pietism, medical and pharmaceutical practice, the role of the relationship between body, soul and mind and the perception of illness, therapy and healing. For the exhibition, Studio ZYKLOP has specially drawn comics, stimulating and witty graphics for each room, making the visit an experience for the whole family. The exhibition is accompanied by an elaborately designed scientific catalogue with many illustrations and, in view of the current pandemic situation, a digital exhibition.

Heilen an Leib und Seele. Medizin und Hygiene im 18. Jahrhundert. Edited on behalf of the Francke Foundations by Holger Zaunstöck and Thomas Grunewald. Halle 2021 (Kataloge der Franckeschen Stiftungen, 38).
328 S., 213 Abb., 6 Diagramme, € 28,00;
ISBN 978-3-447-11587-2

The accompanying catalogue (German) opens up a broad panorama of the history of medicine, presents the topography of health at the Francke Foundations and offers knowledgeable insights into the understanding of body and soul, dietetics and the special infrastructure with its sophisticated water supply, alchemical laboratories and medicinal herb gardens.