Francke in Transition

Join us in designing the new exhibition on the founder of the foundation!

Two visitors fill out the questionnaire for the participatory exhibition in an exhibition room.

Hundreds of people go in and out of the Francke Foundations every day. So why should only a few be involved when it comes to designing a new permanent exhibition on the founder of the foundation? That is why we are inviting you to an experiment: What you see in the exhibition rooms of the new show Francke in Transition in the former residence of the founder of the Foundation are eight thematic teasers, offers, invitations to think ahead, to think along and to reflect. Between cardboard boxes and reading landscapes, multimedia interaction and a change of paper wallpaper, the future of the permanent exhibition on August Hermann Francke can be voted on.

The thematic blocks presented have emerged from a survey conducted within the Francke Foundations in 2021. With the opening of »Francke in Transition«, this survey will be expanded and made publicly accessible. What have you always wanted to know about August Hermann Francke? What does Francke mean to us today? How do we deal with his legacy? Whether the teasers then become actual stations in our new permanent exhibition will be decided by the visitors together with the makers of the exhibition, who are breaking new curatorial ground with their experiment.