Bringing the Bible into play

Bibliodrama on the 2024 annual motto

Auf dem Altar steht ein Kreuz und im Hintergrund sitzen Menschen.

"Let all that you do be done in love!" (1 Cor 16:14)

This year's motto is associated with a great challenge: how can we allow ourselves to be guided by love in our everyday lives - in the midst of all the other feelings we are exposed to in the face of the crises in our world? Fears, worries, disappointments, hurts, aggression, etc.

Using the creative methods of bibliodrama, we want to bring the words of the annual motto into play. We will be challenged with all our senses: with our bodies, in various interactions in the group and also creatively.

It may take some effort to engage with biblical texts in a holistic and playful way - but take courage: you will discover new scope for yourself!

Leader: Foundation pastor Gabriele Zander

Please register at: zander (at)

In cooperation with the Mitteldeutsches Bibelwerk/Canstein Bible Centre

The event will be held in German.