Discover the Wunderkammer with Suddenlife Gaming

A rescue mission in the Cabinet of Artefacts and Natural Curiosities

In 2021, we simply did something completely new: the Corona pandemic gave us the idea. In a web app, children (6-12 years) and families become part of an exciting story in the Cabinet of Artefacts and Natural Curiosities of the Francke Foundations, linked with creative, analogue games. You can immerse yourself in the story during a visit to the Foundations, from home or during the trip to Halle, co-create it and share it with others. All you need is a smartphone and the fun of playing and listening to stories. Let's go!

Save the voices of things!

I, Tayé, the crocodile in the Wunderkammer of the Francke Foundations, am in great distress. The voices of things that have been telling the story of the world here for over 300 years are threatened with oblivion! Just a moment ago Wilhelm, the wig in cupboard 9, sang opera arias and although this sometimes drove me almost to despair - now I miss his wry singing. Ananda, the drum from South India, has fallen silent and Anton and Martha, the children of the Salzburgers, are beside themselves because their parents have forgotten everything! With the voices of things, their stories disappear and chaos takes hold. I can't let that happen! Be part of it, join me in the alliance of guardians against oblivion. Solve the puzzles at home, get artistically creative or experiment and win back the memories of my friends, »Die Stimmen der Dinge«, game by game. You count!

Click here to play! (German)

How the idea grew...

In March 2021, as a first step, we wanted to know what you are particularly interested in at the foundations, which museum object you perhaps already know, which building you like best or what you have always missed in a museum. 20 children took part and sent in their work. You gave us the idea to use the WebApp to give voices to the objects in the Wunderkammer that need to be saved. You, the players, are the guardians of the voices of the things. You certainly know the big sailing ship in the Wunderkammer. But do you also know its stories? We have christened it Jenny for the time being. Listen to what the ship has to tell (German) Whether we succeed in reclaiming the voices of things in the end depends on everyone who joins in.

That's us

Three perfect partners have come together for the project. We are the museum with a creative educational programme that always inspires children and families. And we now want to go online. We are not doing this alone, children and families are involved from the very beginning. The Thadeus Roth agency knows exactly how to do it. Dennis Levin's team specialises in digital scavenger hunts that take you into the world of history with exciting and surprising activities. This Suddenlife Gaming has already been tested many times with other partners. But never with a museum and its visitors. All this makes the project very exciting for us too!
The offer is part of the project »Suddenlife Gaming in the educational offer of the Francke Foundations«. It was developed within the framework of »dive in. Programme for Digital Interactions« of the Federal Cultural Foundation, funded by the Minister of State for Culture and the Media (BKM) in the NEUSTART KULTUR programme.