Ein Kind mcht sich Notizen auf einem Klemmbrett.

In everyday life, children often have many questions and want to explore, question and understand what is going on in the world. Freely according to Articles 11, 12 and 17 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, children have the right to freely express their thoughts, wishes and needs, to assemble and to receive or pass on information. This also includes free access to age-appropriate information - such as through print media.

However, children do not only want to be provided with information, they also want to understand how it can be created, processed and disseminated and thus make an important contribution to democracy in society. In 2021, a small editorial team was formed at the Krokoseum to deal with the topic of journalism every Thursday, thus continuing an old tradition in the foundations on a small scale. August Hermann Francke was already aware of the importance of news and information when he initiated the first Hall newspaper in 1708.

After many theoretical afternoons on journalistic tools and forms of reporting, the young reporters were soon able to write their own articles and commentaries and involve other visitors to the Krokoseum in their work. In the editorial meetings, they jointly consider and discuss which topics should appeal more to young people in particular.
From now on, you can regularly read the results of the journalistic work here and maybe you would like to join the editorial meeting on Thursdays at the Krokoseum!