Bible Mansard and Foundation's Chaplain

Bibelmansarde im Dachgeschoss des Francke-Wohnhauses

Starting from August Hermann Francke, the educational, social and cultural tasks of the Francke Foundations have been essentially shaped in the Christian spirit and have grown over the centuries. Since 2010, the Protestant Church in Central Germany has continued the long tradition of pastoral and educational work of the foundation's chaplains.

Pastor Friedrich Wegner began his ministry as a the foundation's chaplain in February 2018. His tasks primarily include pastoral and educational work in the foundation's own facilities and the numerous partner facilities on the premises, from day-care centres to nursing homes for the elderly, but also offers for church groups from abroad.

Pastoral accompaniment

As a pastor, the foundation's chaplain is there for all people, whether they are on the premises, working, studying, going to school or visiting. For confidential conversations there is a sheltered room in the Bible Mansard.