Here we have compiled all the important contacts for you, so you can reach the right contact person quickly:

Executive Board


Prof. Dr. Thomas Müller-Bahlke


Foto Prof. Dr. Thomas Müller-Bahlke
Anneheide von Biela

Deputy Director

Sophie Lorenz

Secretary to the Directorate


Sandra Hartig

Head of Administration


Information Centre in Franckes´Home

Silke Viehmann

Information Centre

Andrea Güllmar

Information Centre


Communication and Events

Dr. Kerstin Heldt

Head of Communication and Events

Bettina Dost

Secretariat Communication and Events



Andrea Klapperstück

Communication and Events

Michelle Läger

Scientific Trainee

Friederike Lippold

Communication, Events, International Relations

[Translate to Englisch:] Foto Friederike Lippold


Facilities Management

Antje Reinhardt

Head of Facilities Management

Steffen Mentzschel

Facilities Management


Accounts Department

Kerstin Felber

Head of Accounts Department

Foto Kerstin Felber
Manuela Haubus

Staff Day Care Centers


Family Centre for Education and Health Issues

Jens Deutsch

Head of Family Centre

Sandra Wetekamp

Coordinator Family and Education

Foto: Sandra Wetekamp

Day Care Centre Maria Montessori

Evelyn Altner

Head of Montessori Day Care Centre

After-School-Centre August Hermann Francke

Christiane Lubaczowski

Head of After-School Centre

[Translate to Englisch:] Foto Christiane Lubaczowski
Katrin Henze

Deputy Head of After-School-Centre

[Translate to Englisch:] Foto Katrin Henze

Krokoseum Children’s Creative Centre

Maja Schulze

Head of Krokoseum

House 1 - Historic Orphanage

+49(0)345 2127 575

Cosima Sophia Hofmann

Pedagogical Staff


House 1 - Historic Orphanage

+49(0)345 2127 578

Amos Comenius Day Care Centre

Dagmar Giersch

Head of A. Comenius Day Care Centre

Petra Richter

Deputy Head of A. Comenius Day Care Centre

Foto Petra Richter

August Hermann Francke Day Care Centre

Stephanie Mühlmann

Head of A.H. Francke Day Care Centre

Anke Tesch

Deputy Head of A.H. Francke Day Care Centre

Foto Anke Tesch

Custodian and Exhibitions

Dr. Claus Veltmann

Custodian of the Historic Orphanage

House 1 - Historic Orphanage

+49(0)345 2127 465

Maxi Pasewaldt

Secretariat Custodian and Exhibitions

House 1 - Historic Orphanage

+49(0)345 2127 461

Human Resources

Jörg Patrovsky

Human Resources

Ines Strauch

Human Resources


Pflanzgarten School Garden

Cornelia Jäger

Head of School Garden

[Translate to Englisch:] Foto Cornelia Jäger
Yvonne Thamm



School Social Work

Janina Friebe

School Social Work, August Hermann Francke Elementary School

Martin Jensch

School Social Work, August Hermann Francke Secondary School


Research Centre

Prof. Dr. Holger Zaunstöck

Head of Research Centre

[Translate to Englisch:] Foto Prof. Dr. Holger Zaunstöck
Claudia Weiß

Project Coordination

[Translate to Englisch:] Foto Claudia Weiß

Study Centre August Hermann Francke - Archive and Library

Dr. Britta Klosterberg

Head of Study Centre

Photo of Dr. Britta Klosterberg
Talisa-Sophie Bandermann

Study Centre’s Office


Conference Office/ Rentals

Babette Hahn

Conference Office

House 1 - Historic Orphanage

+49(0)345 2127 440

Youth Club TiQ

Rico Drochner

Staff TiQ mobil

Franziska Frenzel

Pedagogical assistant TiQ plus

Mandy Hertel

Pedagogical assistant TiQ


Education - Museum and Collections

Florian Halbauer

Museum Educator

Larissa Stark

Scientific Trainee


Publications' Department

Metta Scholz

Head of Publications' Department