The new image database of the Francke Foundations

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Browse through the history of the Foundation and find your new favourite picture!

Die Fassade des Historischen Waisenhauses

With our historical collections in baroque school architecture, our events and above all our educational and social projects, we are much more than a museum. Founded with the aim of improving society, we offer broad access to democratic education and participation. Digital access for all is of paramount importance. Every year, around 1,200 professional images are created in the educational cosmos of the Francke Foundations, which depict and document the cultural, scientific and social offerings of the Foundations.

With the new image database of the Francke Foundations, this image material is now accessible to the public for the first time. In our folders we have compiled a selection of our favourite pictures from more than three decades of the Foundation's history and some highlights of our current annual programme. The image database allows you to browse easily or search for specific images using a versatile search function.  You can create and save your own collection there or order your images directly from us for your own use.

We hope you enjoy browsing our image database!