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A new portal for online exhibitions and digital audio tours are now available.

Eine BEsucherin steht auf dem Altan des Historischen Waisenhauses und hörtauf Ihrem Handy im Audioguide Informationen zum Lindenhof an.

Experience our permanent and special exhibitions as well as other interactive offers digitally!

Last year, we already presented a digital story from the Wunderkammer about the history of the
Thalsaline and our new web app "The Voices of Things" for children, we have once again greatly expanded our digital cultural offerings.

From now on, you can experience audio tours of the Historic Orphanage, the Chamber of Art and Natural History, and the grounds of the Foundations digitally from the comfort of your own home.

In addition, our newly curated and designed online exhibition format provides permanent access to current, upcoming, and some past special exhibitions.

Classics, such as our film series "Treasures of the Chamber," will of course remain with you.

We look forward to your digital visit!