Family Hour in the Museum

Ein Junge stützt sich auf eine Vitrine in der barocken Wunderkammer und ist begeistert von dem, was er sieht.
Drei Mädchen stehen mit dem Nachbau eines historischen Navigationsgerätes vor dem Weltenmodell in der Wunderkammer. einem
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On the first Sunday of every month, the family hour takes a closer look at very special treasures and stories of the foundations. The child-friendly tour takes a look behind the scenes of the museum and ends with a sociable hands-on activity.

The event is held in German.

Sunday, 12/03/2023

Discovering stardust and crunching biscuits - speculoos stories for Advent

For many, Advent is a time of waiting, hope and anticipation. That's why we want to make ourselves cosy for the first Sunday in Advent and pass the time listening to starry-eyed stories, uncovering secret wishes and snacking on crunchy treats. To do this, we'll hide away in the cosiest stardust corners and nooks of the Historic Orphanage, where no one else goes, and while away the waiting time with relish.

11:00 am - 12:00 pm