TiQ diverse

We are diverse:

How is vegetable tattoo paint made from the leaves of the henna bush and why do these artistic body paintings decorate hands and feet in Arab countries? How do you cook African moambe and what does it taste like? What does an Albanian rap song sound like?

In our youth club, we offer you the space to creatively explore cultural and linguistic diversity. We welcome visitors of all nationalities. When we play chess together, cook together or interview each other for the TiQ newspaper, we get to talk, exchange ideas and learn a lot from each other. We also give you the opportunity to try things out in practice: During holiday workshops, we try our hand at henna painting or cooking international dishes together.

Through our recording studio extension, we also have the opportunity to build beats together, record multilingual rap songs and produce music videos during the rap workshop.

Are you interested or do you have your own suggestions and wishes? Then write to us or come by, we look forward to you and your input!