Choose your own Adventure

Stories of Halle


»Choose your own adventure - stories in Halle« is a project within the framework of the programme Total digital! Reading and storytelling with digital media, which is funded by the German Library Association (dbv) and the programme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research "Kultur macht STARK. Alliances for Education" programme.

For this project, three partners have come together whose everyday lives are shaped by games, children and reading: the Krokoseum children's creative centre, which offers a lot of space as an open cultural meeting place for children and families, the Würfelpech e.V. association with expertise in games, which is otherwise dedicated to games without screens, and the Halle municipal library as a popular reading place with lots of books, which will be the primary source of inspiration for this project.

The end result is an app with Choose-Your-Own-Adventure elements (branching narrative) about the city of Halle, which will also be accessible and playable free of charge beyond the project's duration. The app allows players to experience interactive scavenger hunts within Halle and at selected locations. For this, children learn to write their own adventure within the workshop. A variety of narrative means such as written and spoken texts, photos, drawings, painted maps, video, QR codes as well as game elements such as quizzes (players can only continue if they answer correctly) and decisions that influence the further course of the game can be used to design the individual levels. The content will be added to the app by RAT KING after the workshop.


In two summer holiday workshops (2021), 8- to 12-year-old children had the opportunity to develop a game app on the city's history with Willy Dumaz, game designer from Büro für Sinn und Unsinn.

In the Krokoseum, the Old Town and the library, legends were explored and knowledge collected, mystical creatures from Halle's legends inspired characters and riddles. Along the way, the participants learned what makes a good story and met other game enthusiasts. Here, imagination, creativity and team spirit were in demand.