Education for all

For us, education is a key to social participation, diversity and openness. We therefore strengthen, support and accompany children, young people and families. We invite you to discover the wide range of cultural, social, sports and environmental education on offer.



Young people change their city

Where do young people prefer to spend their time? What would they change in this place? The Francke Foundations want to strengthen young people and support them in actively participating in urban development.

We start the annual exhibition with a Family Day

In the stone quarry of time

Two children work on a stone block in the stone workshop with hammer and chisel.

A day for young and old stone researchers, fossil lovers and music lovers! We open our annual exhibition »Im Steinbruch der Zeit« with a geological family program for discovering, puzzling and ear-tipping.


Voluntary Helps

A student improves her language competence in a playful way. A volunteer from the family centre helps her with this.

Committed volunteers are an important pillar of our work. Come and join us if you like working with children and families. I want to join in!

Attention History!

History is boring? We offer students exciting research projects with real sources, interesting exchanges and guaranteed new insights. Summer Academy for History


The word »freedom« was sprayed onto a canvas in colourful block letters.

Chill, chat, meet people. There's always some programme happening in the afternoon at the youth club. Go for it!

Daycare Facilities

Maria Montessori Day Care Centre

Children put together a huge Mandala of natural materials such as sunflowers, cones, wood and leaves.

»Give me time« is Maria Montessori's motto. The teachers, trained according to their Pedagogy, support your child in self-development. Details

Amos Comenius Day Care Centre

Children sing together in a choir.

In the mixed-age groups of the Amos Comenius daycare centre, the children learn from each other and with each other. Creative freedom goes hand in hand with targeted learning opportunities. Details

August Hermann Francke Day Care Centre

Cosmopolitanism and reference-oriented work are the focus of the age-homogeneous groups at the August Hermann Francke Day Care Centre. Details

After School Centre August Hermann Francke

A girl makes a ship in a bottle. On the canvas of the ship there is a colourful letter "Mädchenclub".

In the leisure-time of the educational facility, primary school children receive support and stimulation in a variety of creative activities and projects. Details

Recreational Facilities

Krokoseum Children’s Creative Centre

A child sits on the floor and paints. Many different painting materials are spread out around it.

In the basement of the orphanage there is plenty of space for children (6-12 years): to explore and to discover, to play and to try out, to marvel and to learn. Come in!

TiQ - Youth Club

A boy and a girl leaning over a large sheet of paper and plan a shared project.

Young people (12 years and older) have their own youth club in the Francke Foundations in order to meet friends, become active or simply chill out. meinehood

Educational and Support Offers

Family Centre

Photo: Group photo of families with small children on the family floor

We strengthen families with counselling services for young families, learning support services, sports and health courses. Around the family

School Social Work

The building of the primary school painted in bright colors by the students

We want to strengthen pupils and have a positive effect on the community at the school. Help shape it!

Pflanzgarten School Garden

Children admire the freshly grown seedlings in the greenhouse of the Pflanzgarten School Garden.

How do sustainability and environmental protection work in everyday life? Here, people grow, observe, care for, harvest and try things out for themselves. For the future

Current Projects


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Today, Sunday, 09/20/2020

Family Day at the start of the annual exhibition

In the stone quarry of time

11:00 amChildren's Program
Monday, 09/21/2020

Playtime on Monday

Free time in the Krokoseum

2:00 pmChildren's ProgramHouse 1 - Historic Orphanage

Besuch der Lesefee

3:00 pmChildren's ProgramHouse 1 - Historic Orphanage

Regulars' table Language on Monday

Open offer of language support to practice German

5:00 pmAn Open OfferHouse 33
Tuesday, 09/22/2020

Playtime on Tuesday

Free time in the Krokoseum

4:00 pmChildren's ProgramHouse 1 - Historic Orphanage