Custodian and Exhibitions

Im Animalienschrank der Wunderkammer sind allerlei Tiere in konserviert, auch Hörner, Panzer und Krallen.

The Custody is in charge of the and exhibitions in the Historic Orphanage. It coordinates the inventory and care of the Cabinet of Artefacts and Curiosities and its objects. The staff members are contact persons for loan requests as well as for collectors, scientists and conservators who have questions about the Kunst- und Naturalienkammer or individual objects. The Custody also conceives and supervises the permanent exhibitions as well as regular special exhibitions in the Historic Orphanage and Francke's Home.


Maria Junker

Scientific Trainee


House 1 - Historic Orphanage

+49(0)345 2127 463

Torsten Krüger

in-House Technician


House 1 - Historic Orphanage

+49(0)345 2127 462

Current exhibitions

»Mancherley Nutzen und Ergetzung« – Gardens at the Francke Foundations

Cabinet exhibition in the Historical Library

Gardens play a significant role throughout the history of the Francke Foundations. Once they served as farm gardens, apothecary gardens for planting medicinal herbs, and gardens...

16. April - 26. September 2021
House 22

Healing body and soul. Medicine and Hygiene in the 18th Century

Annual Exhibition of the Francke Foundations 2021

In 1721, the foundation stone for the children's hospital in Germany was laid at the Francke Foundations. The 300th anniversary of this event is the occasion for the annual...

02. May - 13. October 2021
House 1 - Historic Orphanage