The Francke Foundations

Mobile Exhibition with Roll-ups

The Mobile exhibition in the church St. Wenzel in Naumburg

The mobile exhibition, which is in regular demand, has been available in a fundamentally revised version since 2016. The latest scientific research results on August Hermann Francke, the history of Halle Pietism and the architectural history of the Francke Foundations have been incorporated into the exhibition. The tour begins with a roll-up on August Hermann Francke, leads to Halle Pietism and the emergence of the school town in the 18th century. Cultural-historical milestones such as the world's first Bible Institute, music and song culture in Halle Pietism or the Prussian virtues, but also the highlights of a visit such as the only completely preserved baroque Cabinet of Artefacts and Natural Curiosities, the core ensemble around the Lindenhof with the largest timber-framed residential building in Europe and the oldest surviving purpose built free-standing library building in Germany find plenty of space. The exhibition touches on the fateful history of the 20th century, the reconstruction from 1991 and presents today's educational cosmos of over 40 Christian, social, scientific, cultural and educational institutions with selected projects. With its international appeal in the past and present, the exhibition provides a comprehensive insight into the significance and effects of August Hermann Francke's Halle Pietism.

How does the mobile exhibition reach me?

Please contact us if you are interested in the mobile exhibition.

We will arrange the exhibition date together and discuss about the opening event.

We will be happy to help you transport the mobile exhibition to you as far as we can. The exhibition can easily be transported by car. For longer distances we recommend you to be in cooperation with a service provider for transportation.

There is a free brochure on the mobile exhibition, which we will be happy to send you.

I am looking forward to your inquiry!


  1. August Hermann Francke
  2. Halle Pietism
  3. »A public work…«
  4. The Halle Orphanage
  5. A new educational architecture
  6. Education for all
  7. Impulse generator for academics
  8. Global communication
  9. Emanation in Germany and towards Western Europe
  10. Emanation towards India and North America
  11. Emanation towards Southern and Eastern Europe
  12. On a reform course
  13. The school city since the 19th century
  14. Preservation of the historic buildings
  15. A cultural educational cosmos emerges
  16. The Historic Orphanage
  17. The teaching collections
  18. Renowned academic location
  19. Pedagogical and social work
  20. Visit the Francke Foundations


In stabilen Taschen aus Planen können jeweils sechs Ausstellungselemente transportiert werden.

Dimensions of the panels: 1m (width) x 2m (height)
Number of boards: 21
Required exhibition space: min. 40m².
Material: freestanding roll-up textile banners
Transportable weight: approx. 70 kg (in 4 bags)
Languages: German or English

The Francke Foundations

24. April–May 2009
German-Russian Meeting Centre Foundation at the Petrikirche in St. Petersburg/Russia

November 2009–March 2010
Brandenburg-Preußen-Museum in Wustrau

August/September 2011
Zinzendorf Castle in Berthelsdorf

14. September 2013–30. September 2013
Jesus Church in Cieszyn (Poland)

31. October–25. November 2013
Evangelical parish in Flamersheim near Cologne

1.–31. May 2017
in Naumburg, church St. Wenzel

15./16. June 2018
Latina August Hermann Francke for the Golden Baccalaureate

15./16. September 2018
State Garden Show in Burg, Pavilion of the Protestant Church

13. April–13. October 2019
Moritzburg Castle in Zeitz

The Francke Foundations

Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw (Poland)

27. September–October 2008
Polish National Library in Warsaw (Poland)

21. May–June 2009
Széchényi National Library in Budapest (Hungary)

November 2010
Warsaw (Poland), presentation at the conference "On the way to a modern museum".

26. November 2010–December 2010
Liverpool Hope University in Liverpool (Großbritannien)

January 2011
Liverpool Cathedral (Great Britain)

February 2011
Anglican Church Liverpool (Great Britain)

23. February–13. March 2012
Roja Muthiah Research Library Chennai (India)

21. March–April 2012
Jawarhalal-Nehru-University Delhi (India)

April–May 2012
United Theological College in Bangalore (India)

1.–20. October 2012
Russian National Library in St. Petersburg (Russland)

February/March 2013
City library in Novouralsk (Russia)

April–10. May 2013
Tyumen (Russia)

10. May–15. June 2017
Exhibition at the National Library in Riga (Latvia)