Halle Pietism and Reformation

Mobile Exhibition with Roll-ups

A woman visits the travelling exhibition Hallescher Pietismus und Reformation at the Representation of Saxony-Anhalt in Berlin.

The focus of the exhibition is on the cultural and socio-political influences of August Hermann Francke's work, whose traditional lines are drawn from the Reformation to the present day. Francke's educational reforms focused on highly topical themes such as social participation and educational justice. He fulfilled a central demand of Martin Luther with the first biblical work, the Canstein Bible Institute. The Halle Pietists thus initiated a reading revolution that produced new authors and a private reading public. The cradle of the social welfare institution, the first school garden in Germany and the beginning of the secondary school system can all be seen in Halle. Francke's reforms were perceived and received internationally. Halle emissaries in southern India established the first sustainable Lutheran mission, from which the Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church (TELC) emerged in 1919. At the same time Francke's contacts to the British colonies in North America intensified. In 1733 Halle pastors reached North America to take care of the migrants from Salzburg to Georgia. In 1741 Heinrich Melchior Mühlenberg was sent from Halle to Philadelphia. Today he is regarded as the patriarch of the Lutheran Church of North America.


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  1. Martin Luther and the reformation
  2. Fundamental religious change in Europe in the 17th century
  3. August Hermann Francke
  4. Halle Pietism
  5. Care for orphans and social welfare
  6. Educational campaign and Prussian virtues
  7. Object teaching and the first Secondary School
  8. Educational institution of the European Nobility
  9. A stimulus for academic training
  10. Bible, Books and the culture of reading
  11. The singing movement
  12. Francke and the nobility of the imperial estates in Germany
  13. Francke and the European courts
  14. Francke's Network overseas; India and North America
  15. The architecture of world reform
  16. Appeal and global influence
  17. The Francke foundations today
  18. Educational Cosmos on Historical ground
  19. An idea takes shape
  20. Visit the Francke Foundations in Halle
In stabilen Taschen aus Planen können jeweils sechs Ausstellungselemente transportiert werden.

Dimensions of the panels: 1m (width) x 2m (height)
Number of boards: 21
Required exhibition space: min. 40m².
Material: freestanding roll-up textile banners
Transportable weight: approx. 70 kg (in 4 bags)
Languages: German or English


Halles Pietism and Reformation

24. March–27. April 2013
Large Orphanage Foundation in Potsdam

6-26 2013 May
Luther Site Augustinian Monastery Erfurt

27 May 2013
Representation of the State of Saxony-Anhalt in Berlin

17 June - 5 July 2013
Radio centre of the mdr in Halle

July 8th, July 29th.
Center of baptism St. Andreaskirche Eisleben

August 4-28, 2013
Lübeck Cathedral

September 1-22, 2013
Epiphany Church in Mannheim

30 October-26 November 2013
Münster in Ulm

December 1-31, 2013
German Church in Helsinki/Finland

April 1-17, 2014
Urania Berlin

November 19-20 December 2014
Muzeum of the Lusatian region in Zary /Sorau (Poland)

Jesus Church in Cieszyn (Poland)

July/August 2015
In the Evangelical Lutheran congregation in Trinec (Czech Republic)

May 2016
Glass building in the study centre August Hermann Francke

1 June - 17 July 2016
Hans-Ahrbeck House, House 31 in the Francke Foundations

29 August - 10 October 2016
Ev.-Luth. church in Bodonci (Slovenia)

15 October-15 November 2016
Eger (Hungary)

December 2-15, 2016
Presov (Slovakia)

December 15-31, 2016
Eger (Hungary)

January 1, 2017
Library of the Reformed Grand College, Debrecen (Hungary)

January 9th, 2017
Christian University, Oradea/ Großwardein (Romania)

January 16th 2017
Castle in Tuzsér (Hungary)

January 23rd 2017
Jánoselye University, Komarno (Slovakia)

January 30, 2017
Gáspár Károli University, Budapest (Hungary)

17 February-5 March 2017
Ev. Lukas parish Kalbach-Uttrichshausen

Halle Pietism and Reformation

12 April-10 May 2013
Logumkloster (Denmark)

12 May-10 June 2013
St. Petri Church of the Lutheran Community in Copenhagen (Denmark)

21 June - 13 July 2013
Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool (Great Britain)

August 2013
Church of Ascension, Savannah (USA)

1.October-09.December 2013
Augustus-Church Bustard (PA) (USA)

May 2016
House 30, Faculty of Theology, TWIN Consultations

June 9-18, 2017
Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool (Great Britain)

June 20, 2017
Select Security Statium in Halten/Widnis near Liverpool (Great Britain)

June 25th, 2017
All Saints' Church, Stoneycroft in Liverpool (Great Britain)

08 January-02 February 2018
Sándor Petőfi Protestant Grammar School, Aszód (Hungary)