Theme years

What concerns us:

With our theme years we face the urgent questions of our time. We invite renowned guests from politics, culture and science, bring experts, activists and a broad public into conversation with each other and take time in over 100 events for the diverse aspects of a complex world. Social formats and museum educational activities invite everyone to engage creatively with the challenges of the present.

Grafik des Themenjahres »Komm mit – wohin? Ein Jahresprogramm über Krise und Aufbruch«

Komm mit – wohin?

An annual programme on crisis and departure

Extraordinary crises repeatedly present mankind with extraordinary challenges. How do people perceive crises and are we prepared to deal with the current crises - from climate change to the crisis of Western societies? With our Theme Year 2019, we have approached how to deal with the crises of the present and focused on values as central to us as democracy, education and justice. How can we meet the challenges of the 21st century and help shape the future ourselves?

Grafik des Themenjahres »Bewegte Zeiten. Zur Geschichte und Zukunft des Reisens«

Bewegte Zeiten

The history and future of travel

People have been on the move for thousands of years. To this day, nothing has changed. Modern global mobility offers both opportunities and risks. In our Annual Programme 2018, we dedicated ourselves to a special form of organized mobility: travel. In doing so, we took up current facets such as migration, tourism, cultural exchange and climate change.

Grafik der Jahresausstellung 2017 »Du bist frei. Reformation für Jugendliche«

Fragen stellen. Impulse setzen. Reformation verantworten

The Francke Foundations in the 2017 Reformation anniversary year

In the Annual Programme 2017 we moved the Reformation into the present and asked what it still has to say to us today. As the only exhibition in the Reformation anniversary we explicitly invited young people to deal with the topics of the Reformation from a very current perspective with the exhibition »Du bist frei«. What is important to you? What frightens you? Do you have role models? And what does freedom actually mean to you? With an interactive exhibition course, numerous participatory offers, creative theme evenings and youthful formats, we dared to post a modern theses all year round.