August Hermann Niemeyer (1754-1828) between authorities and institutions

Ölporträt von August Hermann Niemeyer

The great-grandson of Francke and former director of the Francke Foundations as well as chancellor and principal of the University of Halle is known today above all for his role as enlightener, theologian and pedagogue. In a time of political upheaval, he continuously assumed important functions and was in constant contact with officials of the respective governments of the country under both the Prussian and the temporarily ruling King of Westphalia.

The research project examines for the first time how Niemeyer reacted to political changes from various sources in the Francke Foundations as well as from several state archives. Representing a changing middle-class society, it shows how he had to rethink his position several times and, if necessary, adopt a new attitude in order to stand up for the interests of the institutions he led. In addition, it will be examined whether the political events brought about a change in Niemeyer's mindset, communication and self-image and his educated environment.

The dissertation project of Paula Göbel-Lange (Halle) is supported by the Landesgraduierten Stipendium Sachsen-Anhalt and supervised together with Prof. Andreas Pečar (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle Wittenberg).