Mixed director duo

In conversation with the museum directors from Halle

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Guided tours have always been special museum experiences. Now they are even twice as interesting here: in the "Mixed Directors' Double", visitors can accompany expert museum directors on excursions to a different museum in each case. The series of events organized by the Halle Museum Network aims to offer a fresh perspective on the principle of guided tours and also document the close cooperation between Halle's museums. And so the doubles on offer were not simply negotiated, but chosen entirely by lot.

The Francke Foundations were drawn by lot together with the Kunsthalle Talstraße. The event is free of charge. Pre-registration via the Kunsthalle is recommended.

The "Mixed Directors' Double" is an exclusive contribution to the city-wide cultural theme year 2024 "Come out to play!".

Wednesday, 05/22/2024

Thomas Müller-Bahlke in der Kunsthalle Talstrasse

Direktor Thomas Müller-Bahlke wird als Gastführer in der Kunsthalle Talstrasse leiten. Freuen Sie sich auf einen neugierigen und unterhaltsamen Dialog.

6:00 pm