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Florian Halbauer Florian Halbauer Florian Halbauer phone+49 345 2127 520

You are history! Make something of it.

... you don’t believe this? Then convince yourself! Embark with us upon a journey through time and experience the past from a new angle! Your curiosity knows no boundaries in the Youth Forum History. You ask your questions regarding the history of your town and find answers in selected archives and libraries, by means of discussion with eyewitnesses, and live in historic places. The Youth Forum History gives you the opportunity to exchange views on the past with friends, relive it first hand and present it as a true young historian. Using the proper methods you will never again consider history as consisting of merely boring tutorial ramblings, we promise!


Openings hours

The Youth Forum is open for you weekly from Monday to Tuesday between 15:30 and 17:00. Every Wednesday you can come to our consultation hours between 15:30 and 17:00.

You no longer make any progress in school? This, too, is not a problem. We will help you to study literature and sources as well as to answer tricky questions. Just come to our consultation hours or make an appointment with us. Every Wednesday between 15:30 and 17:00 we are on site for you: the Youth Forum History in House 4 on the Franckeplatz.
Caption: Do not unnecessarily worry about thick books – ask us.
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SimpleHistory – A somewhat different view on the city's history

You often walk through town and ask yourself: Which significance do the old buildings in Halle have? Or, who are these supposedly well-known personalities depicted on the portraits in the museums? You would like to know more about the history of your own town but do not wish to read thick books which after all do not answer your questions? Then come to us, ask your questions and conduct research together with other young people who find history just as cool as you do. With us you also have the opportunity to present your findings by means of your own YouTube video. Your SimpleShows will surely present the desired Aha-Erlebnis to the citizens of Halle!

Our most recent clip is dedicated to the "Salzstadt Halle":

Previous SimpleShows include:

Der rote Turm
Die Ulrichskanzel
Die Marktkirche
Die Wunderkammer
Georg Freidrich Händel

You already have a project idea and are looking for comrades?
Then start an appeal on our Facebook-page. Contributions desired!

From 2014 on, the Schülerakademie, which was organised at the Francke Foundations during several years and Financed by the Robert Bosch Foundation, has been continued as a Camp of Specialists for history since.

For many years, camps of specialists from Saxony-Anhalt take place in various fields. They give selected pupils and students with special talents and interests the opportunity to work together under supervision in order to deepen their existing knowledge, skills and abilities. Those taking part should demonstrate excellent school results in the respective subjects, bring with them a recommendation from the subject teacher or have already successfully participated in competitions.

A camp for specialists in the subject of history, carried out at the Francke Foundations, has existed from 2014 on. Here, during five days, pupils are presented with the opportunity to get a taste of the profession of historian. The participants receive an overview of the respective topic of the year and conduct research on specific historical issues in groups. They get to know the working methods of the historian and learn how to work with original sources. Next the research findings of the pupils are presented.

Looking back on the 2014 and 2015 camps of specialists 

With the aim of fostering the relations between schools and extracurricular tuition venues, a pool of historical projects on the history of the City of Halle and the region is currently being developed within the Youth Forum History. In the long term a wide range of projects for various grade levels should emerge, which can be integrated into the classroom. The Youth Forum History assumes responsibility for their implementation, in close consultation with the teacher.

Everything on offer is oriented to the framework directives regarding the field of history as currently applied in Saxony-Anhalt to the grammar school. As to the pupils, the organisers aim at promoting the sharing of discovering while learning and at the same time at keeping the time required for the project within limits. In addition, products develop in all the projects, which can be evaluated whenever the teacher requires this.
Are you interested in such a project module, do you wish to encourage specific topics or participate in the development of such a project? Then get in touch with us.

Available project modules

  • Class 5: We explore the past: The Central German school childrens’ competitions
    for: RRL Gymnasium Saxony-Anhalt, topic 1: Introduction to the subject
  • Class 6: Halle - A salt city in the late Middle Ages
    for: RRL Gymnasium Saxony-Anhalt, topic 8: Life in the Middle Ages – The City Project results in Class 6/2 of the “August Hermann Francke” Latina
  • Class 7: Stars of the Enlightenment? Halle biographies of the eighteenth century as a SimpleShow
    for: RRL Gymnasium Saxony-Anhalt, topic 16: The Enlightenment - Time for Reason

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