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The exhibition and the accompanying events provide not only an insight into the Reformation history of the city, but also present libraries as important storehouses of knowledge and memories within our society.

30 october 2016, 18:00 | Opening | Historic Orphanage

Exhibition to begin the Reformation Jubilee, opening in the Francke Foundations on 31 October 2016.

The heart of the City of Halle houses one of the earliest Protestant church libraries in Germany, the Marienbibliothek at the Marktkirche, established in 1552. It was founded in response to a call from Martin Luther aimed at the cities and towns in order to create Protestant schools and libraries, thus facilitating education on all levels of society. To the present day, this Reformation issue of concern is reflected in the goals of the library, which possesses extensive holdings of both Reformation writings and later publications on all scientific fields.

9 November 2016, 18:00 | Tour of the exhibition – an overview | Historic Orphanage

The Marienbibliothek near the Marktkirche and the Library of the Francke Foundations are important storehouses as to the history of the Reformation in the heart of the City of Halle. The tour not only wishes to pursue this history on the basis of holdings dating from between the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries originating from these two libraries but also demonstrate the significance of both collections from an educational Reformation ideal.
Guided tour by with Dr. Doreen Zerbe, curator of the exhibition.

30 November 2016, 18:00 | The Reformation and the Media Revolution| Historic Orphanage

Without the invention of printing, the mass distribution of pamphlets, engravings and hymnals, and the images from the Cranach workshop the Reformation would not have been able to exert such a powerful effect on humankind. The influence of this media revolution in the process of the Reformation will be visualised with the help of printed works originating from the Marienbibliothek and the Library of the Francke Foundations.
Guided tour by Dr. Britta Klosterberg, head of the August Hermann Francke Study Centre.

18 January 2017, 18:00 | Luther writings and Luther reception in the Marienbibliothek and the Library of the Orphanage| Historic Orphanage

The writings of Martin Luther and other Reformers constitute an essential part of the holdings of the Marienbibliothek when it was established as an Evangelical Church Library. Likewise, original writings of Luther can be found in the holdings of the Library of the Orphanage, which was founded in 1698. In addition, the latter holds a number of letter copies and new editions by librarians dating from between the seventeenth and the nineteenth centuries. The tour of the exhibition focuses on the reception history of writings going back to the Reformation.
Guided tour by Dr. Doreen Zerbe, curator

15 February 2017, 18:00 | The “spectre” of Halle. The history of the historic Luther statue in the Marienbibliothek | Historic Orphanage

Until the twentieth century, visitors of the Marienbibliothek were welcomed by a life-size statue of Luther, which had been created after Luther's death mask and hand casts, kept here, presumably in the course of the seventeenth century. During the 1930s, a discussion arose concerning this representation of Luther, as a result of which the statue was dismantled. The tour presents us with the history of the statue of Luther and the discourse as conducted to the present day.
Guided tour by Dr. Doreen Zerbe, curator

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