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Silke ViehmannVisitors‘ Information in Francke's House Silke Viehmann (Visitors‘ Information in Francke's House) Silke ViehmannVisitors‘ Information in Francke's House phone+49 345 2127450


Date: Every Saturday, 11.00

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A Guided Tour of the Francke Foundations

Francke-Denkmal  With the construction of the orphanage, August Hermann Francke laid the foundation for his life's work. Having begun as a home for the poor and an orphanage just outside Halle in 1698, it developed into a unique school town within 30 years. The tour of the Francke Foundations familiarises visitors with its past and present. It leads across the historical premises and around the Linden Courtyard surrounded by half-timbered buildings in order to view its major attractions and monuments.

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Facility: Francke´s Home - Information Centre | To the facility
Date: Every Saturday, 11.00
Location: House 28 (Franckeplatz 1, Haus 28, 06110 Halle (Saale)) | im interaktiven Lageplan anzeigen
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