SV Francke 08. Francke Foundations Sports Association


Franckeplatz 1 Haus 33, 06110 Halle (Saale)
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SV Francke 08Service SV Francke 08 (Service) SV Francke 08Service phone+49 345 2127 555 (Servicebüro)fax+49 345 2127 560

Family Sports Club

It is often difficult for families to make time for sports, exercise and relaxation. However, being physically active also implies preventing disease. Therefore, health sports and relaxation techniques are key issues in the work of the SV Francke 08. The Sports Club enables the entire family to engage in sporting activities under the umbrella of the Family Advice Centre. Thanks to our childcare facilities, this is possible even during course hours.

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Healthcare with Tradition

Sustainable healthcare and health education already comprised an integral part of the educational ideal as envisioned by August Hermann Francke, founder of the Orphanage and the School City in 1698. Subsequent directors attached great importance to a healthy environment, a balanced diet and to the sports training of girls and boys. The Sports Club of the Francke Foundations 2008 e.V. was founded as SV Francke 08 on 22 January 2008, in order to enable all generations in the Francke Foundations to again nurture this tradition of healthy and popular sports under a single roof.


Mario LesserCoordinator, Sports and Health Mario Lesser (Coordinator, Sports and Health) Mario LesserCoordinator, Sports and Health phone+49 345 2127 555fax+49 345 2127 560

Juliane HenschkeCoordinator, Sports and Education Juliane Henschke (Coordinator, Sports and Education) Juliane HenschkeCoordinator, Sports and Education phone+49 345 2127 555fax+49 345 2127 560

Sandra WetekampCoordinator, "Stammtisch Sprache" Sandra Wetekamp (Coordinator, Sandra WetekampCoordinator, "Stammtisch Sprache" phone+49 345 2127 533

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