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"… mit kräfftigen Gesängen die Gemeinde Gottes zu erbauen."

International hymnological symposium of the Francke Foundations and the Institute of Music of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

The quotation for the conference theme, taken from J. A. Freylinghausen's preface to his Geist=reichen Gesang=Buch (Halle 1704), is to be understood not only as a token of reverence to the great musical achievements of the Reformation, but also as a motto for an innovative manner of Pietist composing building on these achievements. It refers to the perspective from which c.30 scholars representing various disciplines view Reformation songbooks within the framework of the symposium. The focus lies not on that body of songs as such, but on their reception. The reason for selecting this focal point is that although songs from the Reformation are relatively well studied, later ways of dealing with them have thus far rarely been analysed in their extraordinary complexity, according to various aspects of the history of music, literature, theology and Pietism, or in their temporal and spatial dimension.

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