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Orphanage Bookshop "Buchhandlung des Waisenhauses"


Franckeplatz 5, 06110 Halle (Saale)
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Ines Wettin und Oliver Scholz Ines Wettin und Oliver Scholz Ines Wettin und Oliver Scholz phone+49 345 202 6228fax+49 345 202 680

Halle’s oldest bookshops in one and the same place

The roots of the Orphanage’s Bookshop go back to the Leipzig Easter Fair of 1698, where Heinrich Julius Elers (1667–1728) sold Francke’s celebrated sermon “Von der Pflicht gegen die Armen” (On the duty to the poor) with great success. Subsequently the publishing company, which was then being established under his leadership and awarded with an Electoral privilege, became widely known. From 1700 until its discontinuation in 1945, the publishing company operated from the main floor of the orphanage. In 1925 the bookshop with its assortment of publications moved to the new premises located on the corner of the Franckeplatz, which the Orphanage’s Bookshop utilise even today. The complicated economic situation towards the end of the 1920s led to detaching the publishing company (Verlag) from the Foundations and to its continuation as an independent enterprise, whereas the bookseller Hermann Niemeyer, owner of the Max Niemeyer Verlag and the Lippertsche Buchhandlung, took over the Orphanage’s Bookshop. From 15 June 1991 on, the Orphanage’s Bookshop is part of the Lippertsche Buchhandlung & Hallesches Antiquariat GmbH.

After the extensive refurbishment of the building at Franckeplatz between 2008 and 2012, and the significantly improved spatial conditions, the premises of the Lippertsche Buchhandlung in the Grosse Steinstrasse were abandoned and Halle’s two oldest bookshops merged on the Franckeplatz. The related inclusion of the Hallesche Antiquariat enriches the range of publications on offer at the Orphanage’s Bookshop beyond its extensive assortment of fiction, children’s books, regional literature, nonfiction and selected educational literature.

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