Halle Pietism played a highly influential role in North American religious history. One of the most influential German-speaking families in American history connected with the Francke Foundations in Halle are the Muhlenbergs. A traveling exhibition presents Henry Melchior Muhlenbergs early years of study and work as a pastor in Germany and shows his impact to the religious and political history of North America in the late 18. century.

Wanderausstellung M├╝hlenberg  Early connections between Halle and North America were extended in particular during the tenure of the second director of the Francke Foundations, Gottlieb August Francke (1696-1769). From 1728 onward, many Protestants from Salzburger Land, who had to move to Prussian Brandenburg after being expelled, left Prussian Brandenburg for the newly founded colony of Georgia.

In 1734 German Lutheran immigrants asked Friedrich Michael Ziegenhagen in London and Gotthilf August Francke in Halle to send an ordained pastor for the three German Lutheran congregations in Philadelphia, New Hanover, and Trappe, Pennsylvania. In 1742 Henry Melchior Muhlenberg (1711–1787) was sent from the Francke Foundations to America, where he established a Lutheran Church organization which later grew nationwide. Muhlenberg is now regarded as the patriarch of the Lutheran Church in North America.
Three of his sons studied at Halle and became key figures in American history: John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg (1746–1807) as a Revolutionary War general; Frederick Augustus Conrad Muhlenberg (1750–1801) as first Speaker of the U.S. House; and Gotthilf Henry Ernest Muhlenberg (1753–1815) as a renowned botanist known as the American Linnaeus.

Technical Details

The exhibition consists of 21 banners with excellent quality prints in colour, combined with short explana-tory texts, and is easy to transport, assemble and display:
banner measurements: 1m x 2m
number of banners: 21
exhibition surface area: min. 40m²
display system: easy to handle, freestanding roll-up banners
transport weight: ca. 70 kg
languages: English and German

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The exhibition can be borrowed free of charge.
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