Educational equality and social participation are leitmotifs at the centre of our work. Within the educational cosmos that was and is the Francke Foundations, each child is encouraged according to his or her talents and requirements.

Each day of the week grandparents, parents and children, families from Germany and from all over the world await diverse conversation sessions and events encouraging the agility and creativity as well as discussions supporting coexistence within the family.

The “Krokoseum” – a creative centre for children

Curious children and families can linger, discover, marvel, discuss, experiment, potter, relax and play. Based on the historic treasures of the Francke Foundations and the exhibitions on different themes held in the Historic Orphanage, we start daily expeditions back in time, during which you too can take part in the adventure of investigating riddles from the past.

In the morning, our educational staff accompany groups of children and school classes on discovery tours; in the afternoon, children (up to 12 years of age) and their families can participate in free programmes that can be arranged individually.

Discover the Krokoseum

Education Forum

From kindergarten to university – 22 educational institutions are interconnected within the Francke Foundations.

At a glance: Social facilities of the Francke Foundations

Refugees welcome

August Hermann Francke has always had a big heart for migrants and refugees. When a large group of refugees from the Palatinate waited in provisional quarters to emigrate to the Americas in 1709, August Hermann Francke took an active interest in their fate. Francke’s work was based on the recognition that everything needed to be done “to make a general improvement in all areas, not only in Germany and Europe, but across the world.” He therefore founded the Halle orphanage, the current Francke Foundations. In accordance with its tradition, its successors helped to support the people expelled from Salzburg as well as religious fugitives from around the world who often found themselves staying at the Francke Foundations in Halle.

Today, thousands of people are once again seeking refuge from war and suffering among us. They have to build a safe home for themselves and their children. In this situation, the Francke Foundations are providing help for refugees and are actively taking responsibility, as has been their tradition for over 300 years.

We are inviting migrants and refugees to come to the Francke Foundation’s institutions and get in touch with the people of Halle and find support in everyday maters. You are very welcome to come to our expositions, the events in the historic orphanage, to the family skills centre, in the Krokoseum children’s creativity centre and plant garden as well as the forum’s facilities on the premises.

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