The Dr. Liselotte Kirchner Scholarship Programme of the Francke Foundations aims to further develop research concerning the history of the Francke Foundations, based on its rich collections of source material, and to strengthen the interdisciplinary research exchange on the Francke Foundations campus. The scholarship programme is intended for research in the August Hermann Francke Study Centre of the Francke Foundations. It serves to improve the scientific utilisation of the source material available in the Francke Foundations’ Library and Archive.

The main subject comprises the interdisciplinary study of the history of the Francke Foundations and their collections dating from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, with an emphasis on the long eighteenth century, embedded in an international context.

The following core themes offer a range of topics of particular interest. Current research issues, methodological approaches and subject-specific topics reaching beyond these themes are also welcomed, provided they are related to the Foundations’ history or its resources:

  • Piety, science, and mediumship from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century
  • Transfer of culture and cultural contacts within Europe and with the extra-European world
  • Political, social and communication history in the eighteenth century
  • Protestant pietist movements and religious practice
  • Material culture and the history of early museum collections
  • The culture of remembrance, reception history, and image building
  • The institutions at Glaucha during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
  • The Francke Foundations during the nineteenth century and in contemporary history
  • The Francke Foundations’ Publishing House and Library, history of books
  • The history of schools and educational history
  • Architectural history and history of art
  • The economic basis and administrative history of the Francke Foundations
  • The medical and pharmaceutical history of the Francke Foundations
  • The history of music and song culture.
  • The following scholarships are available:
  • Three-month scholarships of EUR 1,800 per month for established scholars from Germany and abroad for research in the Francke Foundations (postdoc). This lump sum includes all related costs, such as overnight stays, travel, insurance, working materials, etc.
  • Three-month scholarships of EUR 1,100 per month for young scholars for research in the Francke Foundations. This lump sum includes all related costs, such as overnight stays, travel, insurance, working materials, etc. Upon request junior researchers from outside Europe can receive a reimbursement of travel costs amounting up to EUR 400.

The scholarships imply the requirement to reside at Halle, give a scholarly presentation and submit a short report on the research within the context of the scholarship programme.


Scholarship proposals can be informally sent to the following address:

Francke Foundations in Halle
Prof. Dr. Holger Zaunstöck
Franckeplatz 1 / House 37
D-06110 Halle

Application documents

Candidates are requested to include the following documents in their application:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • List of publications
  • A project outline of three to five pages explaining why it is necessary for the intended research to carry out the work at the Francke Foundations and how the proposed research is embedded in the current research landscape.
  • At least one letter of recommendation.

Application deadline is October 31st, 2019.