Every Friday the committed children of the school nursery August Hermann Francke draw our attention to the fact that there is no earth B. We know that the resources on earth are limited. A responsible use of raw materials is important if we want to give our children a future on the planet. Upcycling or recycling are catchwords that change our consumer behaviour right into private households. Existing materials are converted to conserve resources and put to a new use. One of the largest consumer products in Germany is paper, the production of which involves large quantities of wood. This is no longer produced in Germany, but increasingly purchased where sustainability standards are not so high. Often, primeval forests and rain forests are affected, which we urgently need for the earth's climate.

The Francke Foundations are aware of their responsibility and have consistently decided to operate sustainably and in the region. A survey of our readers showed that many have already switched to digital communication channels. Nevertheless, some would still like information on the Francke Foundations on paper. In order to keep the impact on the environment to a minimum, our printed matter will be converted to 99% recycled paper in 2019. Here we are certain of our origin and can continue to work with regional printers. And we have a request: if you have read our information material, throw it into the blue bin. So you can feed it back into the value cycle.