Conference: Jesuit and Pietist missions during the long Eighteenth century in cross-confessional perspective

Joined Conference by the Chair of European Early Modern History at Hamburg University and the Administrative Department Research at the Francke Foundations in Halle (Saale) on 28./29. November 2019.

The history of early modern missions is a rapidly growing field, yet individual actors and regions are all too often treated in isolation. What is still missing largely are comparative perspectives seeking to establish if and in which ways the different actors and fields of missionary activities can be compared and should, thus, be integrated when telling the history of missions. In particular, missions are so far rarely considered from a cross- or inter-confessional perspective. This is all the more surprising given the fact that frequently different Catholic and different Protestant missionaries were active often in close geographical proximity, whether in Asia, North America, the Carribean, or the Levante. The planned conference will seek to open new approaches to the history of Christian missions by focusing on processes of cross-confessional missionary learning and exchange, competition and cooperation. It rests upon the premise that by the mid-17th century the latest, neither Catholics nor Protestants could become active in missionary enterprises without acknowledging the activities of their co-religionists. This holds true for Roman missionaries, whether they were Jesuits, Dominicans, or secular priests; this holds equally true for instance for the Protestant Halle missionaries active for instance in the Indian missionary field where an abundance of catholic initiatives were under way already.



28th November 2019

13.00 Welcome Coffee

13.30 Opening and Introduction
Markus Friedrich and Holger Zaunstöck

13.45 Die Jesuiten und die protestantischen Missionare in Indien: Perspektiven des Kontakts
Christoph Schönau, Göttingen

14.30 »Vom Papistischen Sauerteige gereiniget«. How Tranquebar Missionaries perceived,
imitated and scorned Roman Catholics in 18th Century South East India
Keyvan Djahangiri, Berlin

15.15 Coffee

15.45 Conversion, Martyrdom, and Salvation: Jesuit and Presbyterian Missionaries in the Face of Failure (16th/18th century)
Linda Zampol d’Ortia, Otago

16.30 Die dänisch-englisch-hallesche Mission in Indien und ihre katholischen »Konkurrenten«
Gabriele Carlo Bellinzona, Mailand

17.15 Refreshments

18.00 Public Evening Lecture / Öffentlicher Abendvortrag
Moravians, Jesuits, and Pietists. Historical and Conceptual Comparisons
Christina Petterson, Canberra/Kopenhagen

29th November 2019

09.30 Johann Heinrich Callenberg, Carolus Dadichi, and the Protestant Orient
Simon Mills, Newcastle

10.15 Catholic Missionaries, Pietist Travellers, Greek Migrants: A Microhistory of Proselytism by the Western Confessions among the Greek-Orthodox in Early Modern Cross-Confessional Contact Zones
Stefano Saracino, Erfurt/München

11.00 Coffee

11.30 Konkurrenz und Kooperation der reisenden Mitarbeiter des Institutum Judaicum et Muhammedicum mit lokal etablierten missionarischen Milieus auf ihren Reisen nach Ungarn und in das Osmanische Reich
Daniel Haas, Erfurt/Leipzig

12.15 Lunch break

13.15 Wahrnehmung von Herrnhutern und Katholiken in Tranquebar durch den hallischen Pietismus während des Siebenjährigen Krieges
Thomas Ruhland, Halle

14.00 The Brosius–Melsheimer Controversy: Cross-Confessional Cooperation and Conflict
in the 1790s
Andreas Oberdorf, Münster
14.45 Coffee & Final Discussion / Perspectives

Eine pdf des Programms finden Sie hier(PDF, 177 kB).

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