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Latina August Hermann Francke state grammar school


Franckeplatz 1, Haus 42 (Sekretariat), 06110 Halle (Saale)
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Dietmar HogeHeadmaster Dietmar Hoge (Headmaster) Dietmar HogeHeadmaster phone+49 345 4781 100 (Sekretariat)fax+49 345 4781 200

The Latina August Hermann Francke is the successor of the Extended Secondary School (EOS). Founded in 1991 as a State Grammar School (Landesgymnasium) it is funded by the Ministry of Education of Saxony-Anhalt. Eighty-five teachers instruct 700 pupils in Classes 5 to 12.

The Latina is the oldest of the Francke Foundations’ schools. It goes back to 1695 when Francke established the first school for the poor in rooms rented in Glaucha. From it the Latin main school (Hauptschule) emerged two years later, which above all prepared middle-class children for a university study, but also opened this path for destitute talented boys. To date, despite external changes, ancient languages and a humanist education characterizes the Latina.  Continuing this historic tradition, the Latina still represents one of Francke’s central ideas and is thus a focal point in the Francke Foundations’ modern educational cosmos.

The Music Profile of the Latina

From 1993-94 on, a special feature of the school has been the integrated Music Department. Its pupils are instructed in special music classes together with the singers of the Halle City Boys’ Choir. In the process the different forms of music tuition are fully integrated into the grammar school’s general curriculum, so that the Music Department pupils can develop their talents within the school’s normal daily routine.

The Linguistic Profile of the Latina

The school has a special profile in ancient languages. The pupils already begin to learn English in the primary school from class 3 on. At the Latina pupils in the languages section then take a second foreign language from class 5 on. A third foreign language is compulsory from class 8 on. From class 9 on, Latin or Spanish can be chosen as the fourth foreign language. The Certamen Franckianum, a state-wide competition in Latin and Greek under the patronage of the Francke Foundations and the Ministry of Education, is based at the Latina. In cooperation with the Adult Education Centre (Volkshochschule) of the City of Halle pupils of the Latina can take part in telc-language exams in order to acquire a European Language Certificate in English at various levels of competence.

A European School

The European dimension is firmly established in the Latina’s linguistic and music profile. The title European School (Europaschule) involves taking part in various educational projects with partners in Italy, France, Russia, Finland and the United States of America. Foreign pupils have the option of studying at the Latina. With this European orientation and the diferent forms of development of talents, the Latina builds on August Hermann Francke’s ideas.

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