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German Youth Institute e.V.


Franckeplatz 1, Haus 12-13, 06110 Halle (Saale)
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Dr. Birgit Reißig Dr. Birgit Reißig Dr. Birgit Reißig phone+49 345 68178 0 (Sekretariat)fax+49 345 68178 60

Between the conflicting priorities of policy and practice, science and the public

The German Youth Institute (Deutsche Jugendinstitut e.V., DJI) is a social science research institute at the federal level. Its tasks are application-oriented fundamental research into the living conditions of children, into adolescents and families, into the initiation and scientific monitoring of model projects as to adolescent and family support; into social reporting; as well as into social scientific services. The spectrum of these tasks is situated in the field of tension between policy and practice, science and the public. Here the DJI has a dual function: the transfer of knowledge into social practice and into policy advice on the one hand and feedback from practical experience into the research process on the other. The Institute, established in 1963, is supported by means of a nonprofit organization with members from institutions and associations of youth support services, politics and science.

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