Family Competence Centre for Education and Health Issues


Franckeplatz 1 Haus 33, 06110 Halle (Saale)
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Contact Person

Jens DeutschHead of Family Support Centre Jens Deutsch (Head of Family Support Centre) Jens DeutschHead of Family Support Centre phone+49 345 2127 419fax+49 345 2127 560

Strengthen Families, Promote Health

By conceiving the family as a significant setting for child education, the Family Advice Centre aims to contribute to the successful raising of children, to accompany families, especially in the early years, to supervise them during the ensuing transitions and, if necessary, to support and promote public health with the help of practical means. It constitutes a space outside the major educational institutions in which children, parents and grandparents can develop their skills and to which they can contribute their expertise.

The Family Floor in the House of Generations

The bright attic rooms of the Family Floor have housed the Family Advice Centre from May 2010 on. They open the House of Generations to the public at large, provide space for diverse facilities available to families and seniors, and offer occasions for active citizenship.

Service Desk

The Service Desk on the Family Floor is open to everyone with an interest in learning more about the Family Advice Centre’s facilities and benefits, or ask for advice. Visitors can also receive information about the possibilities for support in the City of Halle. Questions relating to the sports and health facilities of SV Francke 08, the Sports Club of the Francke Foundations, can be answered here, too. The Sports Club has its office here.
We can be reached from Monday to Friday between 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00.


SV Francke 08Service SV Francke 08 (Service) SV Francke 08Service phone+49 345 2127 555 (Servicebüro)fax+49 345 2127 560

Social Consultation

An initial social consultation is provided to give guidance in the jungle of authorities and facilities. Especially young parents, single parents and families with a migration background who need support for themselves or their children can confidently and discreetly turn to the Service Desk employees.

Health Advice

We offer a first consultation on health and exercise. This first contact paves the way, for example, to the sports and health facilities of the onsite Sports Club SV Francke 08.

Dietary Advice

This concerns a first consultation on healthy nutrition. In the Family Advice Centre we furthermore organise special advisory sessions on dealing with obesity, changes of diet and food intolerance. We also offer nutrition courses and workshops on healthy nutrition.

Visiting Service

If desired, parents with babies and toddlers need to receive assistance quickly and effectively. We mediate our honorary staff members to visiting services, for instance, when siblings have to be looked after during a visit to a doctor, or when applications need to be filled in.

Family Godparents

Our family godparents are honorary staff members committed to families who wish to be supported or guided during the early years of raising children. For example, they assist with the organisation of households after childbirth, with preparing visits to a doctor, with dealing with the authorities, with taking care of the children, or they get involved in arranging leisure activities. This offer is directed at parents with babies and toddlers. We mediate the family godparents especially to young parents who follow an education, single parents with several children, families with multiple births, parents with a migration background, and to families with ill children or parents.

The Francke Clothing Store

On the Family Floor in the House of Generations the Francke Foundations has set up a clothing store for parents with children up to 10 years of age. In “Franckes Kleiderstube” you can give away used kids’ stuff, small furniture, toys, books, etc. and/or pick up something that suits you.

For collecting or delivering, please call 0345-2127555 to make an appointment.

Café for Parents

Meeting point for the parents of children attending the Children's Sports Club
From Monday to Friday, between 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00 in the Daycare Centre, Therapy Room.

“Stammtisch Sprache”

Children, youths and adults with a migration background are warmly welcomed at the "Stammtisch Sprache". Here they are cared for individually: children learn German in an exercise course presented by the Sports Club, youths and adults are assisted with rehearsing their language courses, while doing their homework, when filling in official applications, or when coping with everyday problems. The “Stammtisch” provides numerous occasions for contacting each other and exchange ideas. Honorary assistants are welcome to participate in the "Stammtisch Sprache" held at the Tranquebar Café on Mondays and Thursdays between 17:00 and 18:00.

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